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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Tyrol supervises the repairs being done by Cylons and humans. Adama walks up and wants to know if it will work. Tyrol says that he doesn't know. Tyrol shows him the organic compound that is being used to repair the ship.

Down in Dogsville, Marines supervise the distribution of food. The situation is tense and the Marines are firm in keeping order. Caprica Six has her had covered as she tries to quietly make her way through the area. She's stopped by a man who calls her, "Cylon." She says that she "doesn't want any trouble" as she sees a second man has stepped in her way. The first tells her, "Well, you've got trouble." The second pulls the cloth off as the first pushes her. Caprica immediately dispatches the first man into a table. The second man manages to hit her before she takes him out too. She then gathers herself and walks out as everyone else looks on.

Adama tells Tyrol, "This better work." He then leaves the work area.

In sick bay, Cottle checks the baby and tells Caprica and Tigh that the baby is fine. Tigh wants her to spend a night in sick bay because he doesn't trust Cottle's "machine," but she wants to sleep with Tigh where she "sleeps better."

In CIC, dradis picks up a Raptor which was lost a year ago.

While flying CAP, Starbuck checks out the Raptor. She receives a garbled response and requests a visual response, which is given by the Raptor. The Cylon pilot on the Heavy Raider guesses that it is an Eight. Starbuck reports back to Adama, who tells her to bring it in.

The Raptor and the Vipers enter the hangar deck and land.

Kara climbs out of her Viper as Lee, Roslin and Adama walk down from the catwalk onto the hangar deck. Boomer can be seen moving from the front of the Raptor. The Raptor's door opens to reveal Ellen's legs. Tyrol walks around to see. Boomer walks out of the Raptor. Kara has joined Lee, Roslin and Adama as they watch. Ellen Tigh steps out and Roslin is stunned. She says she's happy to see them and wants to know who's going to help her down. Hot Dog asks, "How many dead chicks are out there?" Boomer steps down to the deck. Tyrol takes notice. He walks over to her, looks at her and says, "Nice to see you again." Boomer smiles at him, Tyrol then turns, tells Adama that it's Boomer and moves away from her. Adama orders Marines to arrest her and take her to the brig. Boomer is cuffed and led away. Tigh walks up and is surprised to see Ellen. They embrace and kiss as Adama looks on and then drops his head.

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