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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Ellen is shocked at the news that Caprica Six is pregnant. Tigh said that he didn't know. The Six says that they were all surprised and that it was a gift. Ellen says that they are their children. Tyrol wants them to talk about the Cylons' offer and can talk about the baby later. Tigh says that he won't go because Anders said to stay with the fleet. Ellen starts complaining about Tigh poisoning her. The Six says that it has to be all of them or none of them. Tyrol votes to go. Tory votes to go. Tyrol points out that Anders would want to stay. Tigh wants to stay. Ellen goes on about the years that they spent trying to get pregnant and that he must not have loved her. The other Cylons are uncomfortable by the petty bickering from Ellen and Tigh. Ellen's interrupted for a statement of her vote. Ellen stops complaining long enough to think for a moment, declare that she hasn't decided and then leaves.

The women lead Baltar through Dogsville. He's told that they've begun interacting with the "outside world." Jeanne tells him that they sometimes trade there. Baltar stops,as Paulla tells him to keep moving. Instead, he talks to a woman with a child. The boy's name is Gaius named for his father. Baltar talks to him and then realizes the boy is hungry. He wants to give them some food, but Paulla says that they need to keep the food for themselves and for trade. Baltar responds by saying out loud to everyone that he's going to make sure that everyone is fed.

Roslin catches up with Caprica Six in a corridor. She apologizes for the attack on Caprica down in Dogsville. She asks about Ellen. She then says that she thinks about the visions that they shared. Caprica says that she hasn't had any since she got pregnant. Roslin says that she hasn't either and then puts it together about the pregnancy. She then asks if the child is important. It's an awkward moment. Caprica says that her child is very important and that she loves it. Roslin backtracks as before Caprica Six walks off.

In Joe's bar, Kara wants to know when they got a piano. Tyrol walks in. Kara says that Ellen and Tigh making out is like watching their parents. She then wants to know if he's gone to see Boomer in the brig. Kara suggests that he goes to see her while Boomer sleeps. He grabs the bottle and walks off. She plays with the bullet pulled from Anders.

Adama looks at the damage to the ship and the repairs being made.

Ellen enters Tigh's quarters. Ellen says that Caprica hasn't changed much. Caprica is surprised that Ellen was brought there. Ellen looks around for alcohol, but Caprica says that all she has is tea. Ellen then lets it slip that he and Ellen already slept together. Ellen says that Tigh has wanted a baby named Liam for a long time. Ellen points out the baby being pure Cylon and then says that Simon would like to get his hands it. Caprica takes it as a threat. Ellen says that she knows that Tigh loves Caprica. Caprica says that she doesn't know why Ellen couldn't have children, but that Tigh loved Ellen. Ellen says that they can't make Tigh choose. Caprica Six tells her, "then don't." Ellen says that he won't. She says, "You win." She tells Caprica that Tigh loves her and "there isn't much that he doesn't love more." Ellen then leaves.

Down below, Baltar is handing out food. Paulla says that when the Marines tried it, there was nearly rioting and they were armed with rifles, not handguns. Baltar continues to give it away.. Baltar points out how calm it is. Paulla says that they'll need that food. Baltar says that god says that when you give, he returns it ten-fold. Baltar tells them to wait and see. Just then, several men walk up. One says that they need to step away from the food. Baltar wants Paulla and Jeanne to show that they are armed. The two women pull out the handguns The man responds, "Ours are bigger" and several rifles are produced. The women move back. Baltar manages to grab a couple of foodstuffs as the men take the food.


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