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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Adama and Tigh are drunk. Adama points out that the Five were together. He wants to know if there were any "mythic revelations." Tigh says there were none. Adama asks if Tigh was born. Tigh figures it was back on Earth, but like everyone, he wouldn't remember it. Adama says that isn't very machine-like. Tigh then jokes about his grandfather being a sander. Adama points out that they are repairing the ship with some "goop." He says that she'll still be the Galactica on the outside, but not sure what she'll be on the inside. He then points out that Cylons are flying CAP and that they need their help and Tigh's. Lee and Roslin see "it." They don't think that he does, but he really does.

Baltar tells Paulla that he didn't know that the Sons of Ares were involved. Paulla says that the foodstuffs are valuable so of course they would be involved. Inner Six then turns up and points out that he didn't want to be "king of the fools." She wants to know if Baltar really wanted to feed the people. Baltar says that he did and the more he did it, the better he felt. Inner Six wonders if Paulla is telling them the same, or giving them hope. Baltar watches Paulla talking to the others for a moment. He finally interrupts and guesses that Paulla has been telling them that they shouldn't and can't help anyone. He says that he's disappointed in Paulla. He says (with some help from Inner Six) that they can feed themselves and the people of Dogsville. He says that they can get bigger guns. Paulla is nonplussed, but the other women cheer. Baltar gives one last look to Inner Six.

Adama again is down watching the Cylon repair work.

Tigh and Ellen meet. He says that Galactica needs the baseship. She wants to know why he even "frakked" her when Caprica (his love) was "at home." She points out that her own dresses are gone and Caprica sleeps in "their" bed. Tigh realizes that Ellen went to Tigh's quarters. Just then, Tory, Tyrol, Caprica Six, the Six and the Eight enter from two different doors. Ellen tells them that she's decided that she wants to go, so everyone else is ready to go along with it. Tigh says he's staying. Ellen points out that she thought Hera was their only hope, but the pure Cylon baby is. Tigh points out that pure Cylon and pure human don't work. Tyrol points out that they all agreed that it was all or nothing. Tigh says "frak that." Caprica doesn't want Tigh to do it. Tigh tells Caprica to go ahead and go too. Ellen points out to Caprica that Tigh loves Bill Adama, the ship and the uniform most. Ellen says that she knew it, but wondered if the "baby" did. As Caprica realizes what Ellen is saying and seems crestfallen, she doubles over in pain. Ellen smug look turns to concern.


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