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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

  • The melodrama and soap opera that is Ellen Tigh returns to the fleet and once again wreaks havoc:
    • Ellen asks to be helped down when she arrives.
    • Ellen and Tigh basically make out when she arrives.
    • Ellen asks for a flask at her "debriefing."
    • Tigh wants to talk first, but Ellen moves straight to frakking as soon as they have time alone.
    • Ellen gets up and downright petty when she learns that Tigh got Caprica Six pregnant.
    • Ellen makes sure to let it slip that she and Tigh already frakked within hours of her return.
    • Ellen also makes a thinly veiled threat against the baby.
    • Ellen lies to Caprica when she says that she won't make Tigh choose.
    • Ellen manipulates the situation with the Cylon vote in order to get back at Tigh. She lies about her vote and is insensitive toward Caprica and the baby's feelings. Her selfishness about revenge leads to Tigh and Caprica's baby's death.
  • Either Caprica herself or her child is extremely sensitive to her emotional state and the surroundings:
    • As Ellen and Tigh frak, Caprica is in pain.
    • When Caprica realizes that Tigh would choose Galactica over her and let her go, the child starts dying.
    • After Ellen says that she'll leave Caprica, Tigh and the baby lone to have a family, she says "I promise." Apparently, Caprica or the child doesn't believe her because the child dies at that moment.
  • Tigh has always wanted a son name Liam, which conveniently is a part of the William (Adama).
  • Ellen and Tigh spent years trying to have children, but were unsuccessful.
  • Ellen points out that though the population of the colonies has been reduced to a few thousand, only five survived the holocaust on Earth.
  • Beneath the melodrama created by Ellen, there are several indications that Tigh and Caprica's baby is a mistake:
    • When the Cylon offer to leave is made, Tigh says that Anders said that they have to stay with the fleet.
    • Tigh himself says that pure Cylon and pure humans have led to the repeated Cylons of holocaust and that blending is the way.
    • Ellen says more than once that Hera was the future of the Cylons.
    • Neither Caprica Six nor Roslin have had any visions since Caprica got pregnant.
    • Not long after the baby's death, Anders starts showing brain activity again.
  • Now that Caprica Six's child has died, it can be presumed that Hera's destiny will come to the fore.
  • The Cylon offer to take the Final Five and leave the fleet. Tory and Tyrol are in favor of leaving, while Tigh and Anders are against it. Ellen is also against it, but she first states that she hasn't decided and then outright lies about her choice of vote to cause a scene with Tigh.
  • Tigh chooses neither Ellen nor Caprica Six, but rather the Galactica and his loyalty to Adama.
  • Tyrol has begun repairs to the Galactica using Cylons and the organic material.
  • Adama is deeply disturbed by the repair work and doesn't seem to think that the ship will be the same anymore.
  • In his absence, the women of Baltar's cult have stopped isolating themselves and now move through Dogsville regularly.
  • Paulla has taken a leadership role in Baltar's absence. She has managed to secure small arms and has had the women stockpiling food and supplies.
  • While moving through Dogsville, Gaius encounters a woman who has a son named Gaius (not named after Baltar). He publicly promises to feed everyone, once again returning to that theme of Baltar being a "man of the people."
  • Baltar attempts to undermine Paulla's authority by giving away the food that she had been hoarding, but the arrival of the Sons of Ares derails that plan.
  • Dogsville is largely controlled by the Sons of Ares.
  • Baltar's Inner Six returns for the first time since Baltar fully embraced his role as spiritual leader of his cult. She seems to be less spiritual than her last appearances and back to pushing Baltar toward raw power again. She asks him if he really enjoyed giving away the food and when he says that he did, she helps him make a speech to his cult about empowering themselves.
  • After stating that he ran away and abandoned his cult, Baltar does finally return to them. He also goes further with his newfound purpose by looking to the welfare of all of Dogsville.
  • Baltar indicates to Adama, Lee and Roslin that the conditions in Dogsvile are ripe for a "revolution." He seems to promise them that if they support him, he will help ease the transition to a blended (Cylon and human) ship and fleet. Adama, Lee and Roslin give him their support and seal the deal by giving him a cache of weapons that he can use to deal with the Sons of Ares.
  • Just by looking at her Tyrol is able to tell that the Eight that brought Ellen is actually Boomer.
  • Boomer is placed in the brig, which is where she spent her final days on the Galactica before being shot by Cally.
  • Tyrol resists going to see Boomer in the brig. When he finally does, he just watches her sleep.
  • Tyrol was married to Cally and was raising a son the last time that Boomer was in the fleet. This time, Cally is dead and his son has turned out to be someone else's child. This presumably clears the way for Tyrol, who has embraced being a Cylon, and Boomer to renew their relationship.
  • Boomer's being thrown in the brig parallels what happened to Athena upon her arrival. Adama understandably is highly distrustful of any Eight that has Boomer's memories. He would presumably be far less trusting of the rest of the Eights if he knew that some have downloaded Athena (and possibly Boomer's) memories.
  • After being in a coma since his surgery, Anders' EEG begins to show activity again.
  • Cylons have started posting pictures in the Memorial corridor of Cylons who have died since the alliance began.
  • When Roslin and Adama see the Cylon pictures posted in the Memorial corridor, Adama realizes that Galactica is already blended with Cylons and humans.
  • Joe's Bar now has a piano.

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