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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Crewmen freshen up in the washroom as the ship starts to shudder.

Cottle can be seen smoking in sick bay as the ship shudders there as well.

The shuddering can be felt in the hangar deck.

Hoshi and Adama notice the shuddering in CIC.

Cottle briefs the Cylons and Kara on Anders' condition. The brain activity is bizarre and has been going on for "weeks," but there's no sign of conscious activity. The Eight suggests that his brain could be rebooting. Cottle dismisses what he considers to be an outlandish idea since Anders is in a coma. The Cylons leave. Kara points out that Anders' eyes are now open, but Cottle says that it's not unusual for someone in a coma. Cottle tells her that she needs to move on with her life. He walks off and she starts to cry.

Kara gripes about the piano player playing the same notes over and over. He says that he's composing and been working on it for four days. She tells him to give it up, but he says that he's trying to bring a little joy into the world. Kara is understandably cynical about his music not doing anything to stop the Cylons. Slick points out that "something" happened to her. The bartender announces that it is closing time. Kara motions for one more drink and the bartender tops off her glass. Kara tells the piano player that he needs to learn out to play. He switches to a complex piece of music.

During repairs, Tyrol looks at a Eight and remembers moments with Boomer. They lay in bed together. He talks to her in the brig and calls her a machine with software that doesn't have feelings. He talks about how no one ends up with who they want because the ones that they really want are already dead or dying. Boomer is shot and she tells him that she loves him before she dies.

Tyrol comes out of his reverie when the power goes out. He fusses at the work crew for all tapping into the same bus.

Helo and Hera are in their quarters. Kara comes by and indicates that Helo told her that he had something for her. Kara watches Hera draw. She compliments Hera's stars and Hera tells her thank you. Helo shows Kara that he's managed to gather up Kara's stuff that had been auctioned off. She notices a tape of her father's music on top. She takes it. Hera gives her the picture and Kara thanks her. She starts to leave. Helo asks her about the rest of her stuff. Kara tells him to keep it and then leaves. Hera goes back to drawing another semicircle of multi-colored stars.

Tyrol has gone to the brig. Boomer notices him, gets up and walks over to the phone. They pick up the phones and talk. Tyrol says that he's not sure why he's there. Boomer says that after the things he said to her after she shot Adama, Boomer says that she had hoped that New Caprica would "make things right." Tyrol points out that you can't make people love you at the point of a gun. She says that she tried to forget him and hate him, but that it didn't work and instead she thinks about him every day. Tyrol says that he does the same and adds that if he had known that he was a Cylon, it would have been different. Boomer says that it's okay now that they both know who they really are and then tells him that they should make the most "of the time that we have left." She puts her hand up to the glass. He slowly reaches and as soon as one finger makes contact, there's a flash.

Projection #1:
Tyrol finds himself in a house. Someone can be heard humming. He finds Boomer in the dining room, wearing a dress. He wants to know where they are. Tyrol spots a wedding picture of the two of them. She says that it's their house on Picon that they dreamed of having after mustering out of the military. He tells her to stop.

Back in the brig, Tyrol is upset. Boomer tries to apologize and says that she thought he'd be "okay with Cylon projection."

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