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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

Slick uncovers the piano keys and begins to play.

As the piano music is heard, Reveille is announced by Hoshi. Kara wakes up and climbs out of her bunk. She walks over to her locker, opens it up and sees her corpse's head in the reflection. She pulls her dogtag out.

Kara showers in the washroom.

Kara walks into the pilot's briefing room and announces that it is 0621. She repeats the same briefing that she's memorized from days of giving the exact same briefing. The CAP is made up of Vipers and Heavy Raiders from the Cylon baseship. The routine also includes pilots going out on a six-day survey mission, returning for two days of local duty and then going out on the long range mission again. She says that whoever finds a habitable "rock" will receive the very last tube of Tauron toothpaste. Several Cylons can be seen in the briefing along with Helo, Athena and Hot Dog. Kara points out that the mutiny has thinned the ranks and so not all the Raptor pilots will have co-pilots. She makes a crack about them enjoying the personal alone time, but not to expend too much O2. During her briefing, Kara can also be seen dressing, drinking in Joe's Bar and having problems with the shower working properly. Kara ends the briefing and grabs the tube of toothpaste off the podium.

Tyrol briefs Adama, Roslin and Lee on the repairs. He states that the repairs have only bought the Galactica a handful more jumps. Adama isn't ready to give up on "the old girl." Tyrol is finished with his briefing. Lee steps up and Lee congratulates Sonya (a Six) on her election as the Cylon representative to the Quorum of Ships. She tells them that as soon as she formally joins the Quorum, she will make a motion that Boomer is turned over to the Cylons. Adama points out that Boomer shot him. Sonya clarifies that the Cylons want to put her on trial for treason because she sided with Cavil, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Cylons. They have instituted capital punishment and Tyrol realizes that the Cylons want to execute Boomer.

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