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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

  • Though Tyrol's repairs continue, he states that Galactica can only survive a "handful" more jumps.
  • Galactica is now plagued by frequent shudders, power outages and plumbing problems.
  • This episode apparently takes place "weeks" after the mutiny based on the following:
    • Kara points out that they have had a long-standing routine of carrying out six day missions followed by two days of local duties.
    • Lee has reformed the Quorum now designated by ships rather than colonies.
    • Anders has been in a coma for "weeks."
  • Tigh has not gotten over Liam's death and is visibly struggling with it:
    • He tells Tyrol that they are 'all in hell."
    • He refers to Anders' eyes being open and says the "little guy" was looking right at him. Anders is clearly not a "little guy."
  • The Cylons have elected a Six named Sonya to join the new Quorum of Ships.
  • The Six's first motion is to request that Boomer be turned over so she can be tried for treason.
  • Roslin signs the order to turn Boomer over.
  • Boomer and Tyrol had talked of living on Picon after mustering out of the military.
  • Boomer projects a not only a quiet home life for herself and Tyrol, but also a daughter. She claims that she's been going there for quite some time.
  • After Roslin signs the order turning Boomer over, Tyrol stages a power outage that allows him to incapacitate (presumably kill) an Eight. He further stages a power outage in the brig area so he can swap in the Eight and free Boomer.
  • Boomer finds Athena and beats her unconscious.
  • When Helo finds Boomer thinking that she's Athena, Helo ends up making love to Boomer as a bound and gagged Athena watches.
  • Boomer takes Hera from daycare and puts her in a trunk in order to smuggle her onto the Raptor.
  • Boomer asks Tyrol to go with her, but he declines.
  • Boomer escapes with Hera.
  • When Boomer escapes, she inflicts more damage on the ship.
  • With Boomer presumably returning to Cavil's fleet, the Galactica and the human fleet can't afford to remain stationary, but the Galactica can't survive many more jumps. Adama may have no choice but to make a "last stand" in the middle of nowhere.
  • Boomer manipulates Tyrol into helping her and also inflicts anguish on Helo's family. She beats Athena, sleeps with him as Athena has to watch and takes Hera. Boomer presumably leaves Athena alive so she can deal with the torment of her daughter being taken. again.
  • Based on his reaction to the news of Hera's kidnapping, Tyrol was apparently unaware of Boomer's intentions to take Hera.
  • Though Tyrol was the one to reveal Boomer's identity, he came to embrace his opportunity to pick up where they left off before she shot Adama. However, she's again gone, having not only manipulated him, but taken Hera as well. This is after everything else that Tyrol has been through:
    • Covering for Boomer's blackouts.
    • Her shooting Adama and being revealed to be a Cylon
    • Her death at Cally's hands
    • His self-doubt about being a Cylon
    • Being a leader in the New Caprica Resistance
    • Adama threatening him with Cally's life during the labor strife
    • Discovering that he's a Cylon
    • Cally's death
    • Remembering that he'd died during Earth's holocaust
    • News that Nicholas isn't his son
  • Following his recent exposure to Boomer's projections, Tyrol's emotional distress seems to trigger his own ability to project since he was able to enter the empty house without Boomer.
  • Coupling Tyrol's strong reaction to Boomer's kidnapping of Hera with circumstantial evidence that's likely to emerge, it's presumably only a matter of time before his complicity in Boomer's escape is discovered.
  • Ellen posits that Boomer helping her escape was just part of a plan by Cavil to get Hera.
  • Ellen, Tory and Tigh spend a great deal of time together although the status of their relationship and Tigh's relationship with Caprica Six is unclear.
  • Helo again demonstrates how strong his friendship with Kara is by having gone to the trouble of tracking down many of Kara's possessions that had been auctioned off after she had been presumed dead.
  • Kara remembers a particular piece that her father played, but struggles until she notices that the composition is similar to Hera's picture. The picture allows completion of the rest of the notes and the piece turns into All Along the Watchtower that the Final Five recognize. Kara says that her father taught her the piece when she was a child.
  • The very existence of Slick the piano player is doubtful:
    • Kara confides in him about finding her own dead body on Earth and he barely reacts.
    • After she plays All Along the Watchtower, she's apparently sitting next to Slick, but when Tigh and Tory confront her, Slick is gone.
  • Something "greater" was at work because Kara had already started to see Slick when Hera drew her a picture of the notes.
  • Both Hera and Kara are somehow connected to the Final Five's song.
  • The revelation that Kara's father taught her the Final Five's song when she was young adds more questions about Kara rather than answering the outstanding question of what she is.
  • As Kara struggles to remember the song, she works through long-festering issues concerning her father and his departure. Though she doesn't seem any closer to her identity, she does seem to gain some closure.
  • We know that Anders played the song for the other Cylons, but the song continues to hold a greater significance to the mythology.
  • Roslin's connection to Hera appears to be strong enough that she knows when Hera is in danger and faints when Boomer jumps away with Hera.
  • Though there's brain activity, Anders remains in a coma.
  • During Kara's briefing, it can be seen that there are very few pilots. She mentions that the mutiny has thinned their ranks and some Cylons have integrated.
  • Though the impact of the mutiny is mentioned, the fate of the mutineers themselves remains undisclosed.
  • The reward to the pilots for finding a habitable planet is the last tube of Tauron toothpaste.

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