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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Kara walks onto an empty hangar deck. She walks toward a little girl playing a piano. As the little girl plays, Kara walks up behind her. She grabs the girl's shoulder and turns her around. Her corpse looks back at her.

Kara wakes up in her bunk.

In Joe's Bar, Kara asks Slick how she found her own body. She wonders if she's a ghost or a demon. He says he's the "wrong guy" to ask and that he's just a piano player. Kara says that when she was leading the fleet to Earth, she had a purpose, but now she's drifting again. Slick says that sometimes "lost is where you need to be" and that just because you don't know what direction to go, "doesn't mean that you don't have one."

Roslin reads over the order that would turn over Boomer to the Cylons. Tyrol asks as a personal favor that she not turn Boomer over as Adama and Sonya look on. Tyrol's pleas fall on deaf ears as Roslin signs the document. After a moment, Roslin tells him that he's dismissed. Tyrol looks over at Adama, who just looks back.

As Tyrol walks out he looks at Sonya who was at the back of the room. She can be seen moving toward the desk.

Tyrol runs outside the quarters and is unhappy.

Tyrol returns to the repairs and sees an Eight working. The power is flickering. The look on his face changes, He grabs a wrench, turns up the juice, which blows out the power. The wet thud of a blow to the head can be heard.

Kara and Slick stop playing. Kara notes the mark on his finger from a wedding ring. She guesses he left her. Slick says that she left him because he played the piano. She says that was all? He says that he worked steady gigs and made okay money, but his wife wanted him to get a real job because they had a kid. Kara then goes off about considering what his playing did to his child. Slick just looks back at her.

Tyrol is in the brig. He's apparently checking on a power outage for the guards. The guard reports that Boomer slept right through it. He then asks if Tyrol is sticking around for a while since Boomer's "shipping out" the next day. Tyrol says that he's not staying because he's said all he needed to say.

The Eight lies in the bed in Boomer's cell.

Boomer walks around Galactica in Cylon civilian clothes.

Slick and Kara talk. She says that she never played the piano again after her father left. Slick talks her into trying to play as a way of moving past her father leaving. She starts to play and breaks down in tears. Slick tries to console her, but she wants him to play. He says that he'll play if she joins him.

In the washroom, Athena freshens up. There's a knock and someone enters. Athena sees the silhouette of an Eight and figures that she's there to repair the shower. She turns around and recognizes Boomer who has moved closer. Boomer punches her, knocking Athena against the sink. Athena falls to the ground and Boomer beats on her some more.

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