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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Down in Joe's Bar, Slick plays the piano. Kara sits at the bar. Slick stops and Kara claps. He makes a comment about "the critic." She says that she wanted to see what progress he's made. He wants to know what she thinks now. She says that it's a lot of notes and is longer. As he covers the keys, he points out that she was pretty brutal previously. She says that she didn't say she didn't like it. He asks her what the piece made her think of. She says a car chase. He says that it was supposed to be a sense of loss. Kara says that she meant that it's like a car leaving with someone you want and that you're chasing after it because you don't want to lose them.

Tyrol, Ellen, Tory and Tigh talk at a table in the bar. Tyrol points out that the Cylons want to kill her. Ellen says that they can't be gods. Tyrol points out that she saved Ellen. Ellen says that she'll testify to that, but that they have to let justice run its course. Tyrol says that Boomer will be killed "sure as hell." Tigh chimes in, "we're all in hell." He takes a drink and walks off. Tyrol has a comment. Ellen points out that Tigh just lost his son and she leaves as well.

Tyrol and Boomer talk. She says that she's been going to the house for a while. He tries to play it off as her dream, but she points out that he drew up plans. She says that she just wanted to share it with him. He's now ready to go back.

Projection #2:
Tyrol opens the doors to looks outside as Boomer walks up behind him and hands him a beer.

Back in the brig, Tyrol and Boomer look at each other.

Projection #3:
Tyrol walks inside. He looks in a cabinet for two glasses when he turns and notices markings on the wall. He looks at Boomer, who is standing beside the markings.

Projection #4:
Tyrol walks up the stairs, opens the door and finds their daughter sitting on her bed. He walks in as Boomer follows behind him. He goes over and sits next Dionne as she reads.

Back in the brig, Tyrol is laughing and crying.

Kara sits next to the piano as Slick looks over his composition. He says that he's finished the first movement and now it's time to start on the second movement. He starts playing again and Kara says that he's stealing from another musician. She names the piece that he's riffing off of. Slick corrects her pronunciation and then says that it's his favorite composer. He's surprised that she knows it and points out that she knows a lot about music considering she seems to hate it. She answers that her father used to play it. He guesses that her father made her practice, was hard on her and made her miserable. She counters that she actually enjoyed it and that he taught her a few songs. She says that she tried so hard to play perfectly for him because she knew how proud he would be. She mentions that there was one song that he taught her that made her both happy and sad. Slick closes the piano and says "most good ones do."

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