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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

  • 39,556 survivors. No change in the survivor count for a second consecutive episode.
  • Tyrol and Boomer's projected daughter was named Dionne a SciFi promo pic released prior to the episode airing.
  • In what could be perceived as a nod to the series Lost and one of its main themes, Slick tells Kara "lost is where you need to be."
  • In Bear McCreary's Blog, David Weddle states " Mark Verheiden suggested that Kara's father appear in Joe's bar on Galactica as a kind of ghost, or projection of her subconscious. "

Boomer/Tyrol Projections:
Tyrol finds himself in a house. Someone can be heard humming. He finds Boomer in the dining room, wearing a dress. He wants to know where they are. Tyrol spots a wedding picture of the two of them. She says that it's their house on Picon that they dreamed of having after mustering out of the military. He tells her to stop.

Tyrol opens the doors to looks outside as Boomer walks up behind him and hands him a beer.

Tyrol walks inside. He looks in a cabinet for two glasses when he turns and notices markings on the wall. He looks at Boomer, who is standing beside the markings.

Tyrol walks up the stairs, opens the door and finds their daughter sitting on her bed. He walks in as Boomer follows behind him. He goes over and sits next Dionne as she reads.

Boomer and Tyrol kiss in the living room of their house.

Tyrol enters the empty house. He looks all around for Boomer. Tyrol walks into Dionne's bedroom and finds it empty. He falls to his knees.

Unanswered Questions:
  • How much longer will Galactica survive?
  • What will happen with Athena and Helo's relationship now that she was beaten by, he slept with and Hera was taken by Boomer? Will they grow apart or closer because of this?
  • What will Athena do this time? Last time, she resurrected in order to retrieve Hera, but that won't be possible this time.
  • Will Anders ever recover? Is his brain actually rebooting as the Eight suggests?
  • Now that Hera has been taken, what will the Final Five and the other Cylons do?
  • Was Ellen's escape really staged so Boomer could kidnap Hera?
  • If so, what does Cavil plan to do with Hera? Does he plan to use her as a bargaining chip to regain resurrection?
  • Will Cavil come after the fleet now?
  • What happened to Roslin when Boomer jumped away with Hera?
  • What triggered both Kara's subconscious exploration of her relationship with her father and Hera's drawing the picture of the notes?
  • If Kara's father taught her the "song" when she was a child, what is his connection to the Cylons? Is it possible that he was a Daniel?
  • Did Tyrol kill the Eight? Or just incapacitate her so she could take Boomer's place?
  • It's clear from the episode that Tyrol didn't know about Boomer taking Hera, but was her attack on Athena part of the plan?
  • What will happen to Tyrol when his complicity in Hera's escape be discovered?
  • It's clear that Tigh isn't handling his child's death well and is carrying some guilt around. What about Caprica Six?
  • What is the status of Tigh's relationship with Ellen and Caprica Six?

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