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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Someone To Watch Over Me
Episode Number: 417
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 2/27/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Boomer is at the sink just scrubbing the blood off her hands as Helo walks in. He's very amorous and says that he wouldn't let her go on a six day mission without a proper goodbye. At first, Boomer tries to dodge his advances and he wonders what is wrong. She then she gives in and kisses him.

Tigh sits at a table in the bar with Tory and Ellen. Tigh says that Cottle was right that he wasn't ready to see him yet. He says that his eyes were open and that the "little guy" was looking right at him.

Things get more physical between Helo and Boomer as Athena is revealed to be tied up and gagged in a stall. Athena walks as Boomer and Helo audibly make love.

Kara manages to play a few notes, but says that something is missing. Slick points out that she's only playing the left hand. He starts to play some notes and compose them for the right hand. Kara notices something when she sees what he's composing. She takes out Hera's picture and Hera's drawing completes the pieces. Slick finishes the composition. He says that he'll play the bottom and that she can join in when she's ready.

Boomer, dressed in Athena's flight gear, picks up Hera from daycare with the excuse that she has a physical.

Kara and Slick continue to play as Tigh, Ellen and Tory listen.

Tyrol helps Boomer load a chest into Athena's Raptor. The chest is presumably filled with the gear needed for the six day mission.

Kara continues playing as the music turns into All Along the Watchtower. Tigh, Ellen and Tory are stunned. Kara finishes playing and she and Slick share a look. She's smiling, but he's not.

Kara is at the piano by herself when Tigh startles her. He wants to know how she knows the song. She starts to say, "her father" and then she notices Slick isn't there.

Boomer asks Tyrol to come with her because she can't do it herself. He says that she can. She tells him that no matter what, she meant everything she said and that she loves him.

Projection #5:
Boomer and Tyrol kiss in the living room of their house.

Helo is leading a pilots' training briefing when Athena stumbles in. Athena tells him that it was Boomer in the locker room and then asks if he got Hera. Helo wants a med team down there for Athena and someone to find Boomer. He holds her and she starts beating on his back.

Boomer sits in her Raptor. She checks on her launch status. Hoshi tells her that the pattern is full, but Boomer isn't buying it and she starts up her engines.

Adama orders the CAP to move in.

Adama says that they'll shoot her down, but Boomer says that she has Hera.

Roslin sits in her quarters.

Tigh walks in and says that they can't let her get off the ship.

Hoshi points out that she's spinning up her FTL.

Tigh says that if she jumps inside the ship, Galactica wouldn't be able to handle it.

Adama orders the flight pods closed, but Boomer manages to get out as the Raptor takes damage.

In his Viper, Hot Dog says, "Don't do it. Don't do it."

Boomer jumps away. Because the jump was initiated close to Galactica, the spatial distortio causes explosions and damage to Galactica even in CIC.

In her quarters, Roslin cries and says, "Hera." She faints.

Adama stands in CIC as sparks fly from the latest damage.

One of the guards checks Roslin and reports her situation (no audio).

Down on the hangar deck, Tyrol barks out commands in order to get repairs underway. He overhears Athena yelling at a deckhand about Hera getting by her. Tyrol asks a deckhand what she's talking about and he's told that Boomer took Hera. Up on the catwalk, Athena is told that no one saw Hera. Tyrol is stunned. He leaves the hangar deck.

In the daycare, Ellen says that her escape was orchestrated by Cavil so Boomer could get Hera. Tigh wants to know how Hera could know the "song." Ellen speculates that she's "plugged in." She further suggests that Anders could help. Tigh points out that he's still in a coma.

Kara's father's music plays as she lays next to Anders in sickbay.

Tyrol hurries down a corridor and opens a hatch door.

Projection #6:
Tyrol enters the empty house. He looks all around for Boomer. Tyrol walks into Dionne's bedroom and finds it empty. He falls to his knees.

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