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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Adama packs up his personal effects into boxes labeled as 'Admiral's Quarters; Cylon Baseship; Deck 87.'

In his cult's compartment on Galactica , Baltar lights a cigarette. Paulla tells him, "While after the blast everyone else's numbers are down, which gives us solid majority on over half the civilian ships in the fleet. No one else comes even close to having that kind of political power. Our time is here, Gaius." Inner Six appears and says, "She's right, Gaius. The end times are approaching. Humanity's final chapter is about to be written and you... you will be its author." Gaius gazes where Inner Six was. Paulla says, "Gaius, did you hear me? This is it. This is it, Gaius." Baltar just rubs his forehead. In the background, his women can be seen packing up.

Flashback #7:
Baltar and another woman enter his house. Baltar starts to offer the woman a drink when he spots Caprica Six sitting in a chair in his living room. He wants to know what Caprica is doing there. Caprica doesn't answer. The other woman wants to know if she should leave. Baltar tells her to go upstairs and wait for him in the bedroom. He kisses her neck and the woman heads for the stairs. Baltar threatens to call the police. Caprica Six silently stands up. Once Baltar picks up the phone and contacts the police, Caprica Six says that she found a new place for his father to live. She says that it has full-time care and he'll be encouraged to grow his own food, so he'll get to be a farmer again. She says that his father's things are being moved by the staff as they speak and that they'll be placed exactly as he had them in the apartment. She says that he loved the place when she showed him around. Baltar questions whether he 'loved' it. Caprica says that his father is a complicated man, but it only takes a few simple things to satisfy him. Caprica hands Baltar the facility's card and then leaves.

Kara sits by Anders' tub as she looks over the notes to the song.

In CIC, Hoshi is cleaning up spilled coffee and apologizes to Tigh. Tigh tells Hoshi that Adama is going to fly the last Viper off Galactica himself. As Hoshi continues to wipe up the spilled coffee, Tigh remarks that Hoshi will never make Admiral "that way."

Helo visits Tyrol's cell. They talk on the phone. Helo says that he understands why Tyrol helped Boomer and that he loves her because it was different. Tyrol says that he's a two thousand year old idiot who still hasn't learned. He says that Boomer is a machine. Helo counters that Athena is a person. Tyrol calls her a blow-up doll. He says that Boomer, Athena and all the Eights are the same because the Final Five made them that way. Tyrol says that he can't trust any of them. Helo hangs up the phone and leaves.

On the Colony, Hera draws notes. Cavil calls them dots as a Doral sits by. A Simon says that she hasn't eaten in some time and that she should be fed intravenously in preparation for the testing. Boomer says that she's a scared child and wants her mother. Cavil points out that she can't have her mother and won't show sympathy for the child. He stands up and says, "She is a half-human, half-machine that holds the key to our continuing existence somewhere in her genetic code. He tells Simon to "stick a tube down her" to get her ready for the testing. He then leaves. As Boomer and Hera watch, the Simon noisily preps his rather ominous-looking equipment.

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