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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Roslin lies in her bed in sick bay.

Flashback #10:
Roslin sits at her table, playing with the food in the plate in front of her while she talks on the phone. She says that she knows that it has been three months and that she does go out. She says that she won't go out on Adar's campaign because she doesn't like politics. She finally says that she'll go on a date if she stops being asked about the campaign. She finds out that her date's name is Sean Ellison. Roslin says that the name sounds familiar and the other party quickly hangs up. As Roslin takes another bite of her sushi, she slumps as she realizes who Ellison is.

Roslin puts on her wig and stands up from her bed.

Adama addresses the crew. He says that it's a volunteer mission and that no one should feel obligated. He says that he's made the decision for himself. He says that if there isn't enough crew to pilot Galactica , then he'll lead the rescue mission with a contingent of Raptors. Adama then says that this is likely a one way mission. He says that there is a line running down the middle of the hangar deck, which prompts the crowd to part. He wants volunteers to step to the starboard side. Adama climbs down and stands on the line. He says, "Make your choice." Kara is already on the starboard side. Lee is the first to cross. Tigh and Ellen cross as Hot Dog crosses as well. Cottle and Ishay cross. Adama says that they can't afford to lose a doctor and sends Cottle back to the port side after thanking him. Caprica Six crosses. Tyrol starts to cross. He stops by Tory and says, "now you have something better to do" and he takes her across. Baltar looks to be struggling with the decision as some of his women can be seen looking to see what he does. Others continue to cross to either side. Roslin appears out of the crowd on the port side. She's struggling to walk. Adama helps her make the final few steps where she stands next to Kara. Kara then takes her by the hand and they who holds her up.

(Caption: Raptor 279; Recon Mission)
Racetrack and Skulls jump into the middle of an asteroid field. Racetrack wants him to plot a course back out. Skulls makes a comment about them being assigned yet another high risk mission. Racetrack counters that it beats sitting in a cell. Skulls says that they are near a singularity and that they are being pulled toward it. Racetrack tells him to spin up the FTL. He spots the Colony.

Adama, Lee (back in uniform), Kara, Tigh, Tory, Ellen and Tyrol talk about the results. Lee says that the Colony is within jump range. The location that Anders provided them was on top of a singularity, which makes the Colony's position a sound defensive position. Tigh suggests plotting a course, but Lee says that the ship would be torn apart. There is one safe jump point. Tigh thinks it's next to impossible, especially considering the asteroid field. Kara points out that two baseships jumped in and out while Racetrack and Skulls were there and not detected, so there's a blind spot that they can park. Tigh guesses that they could position there and "block the gates." Adama says, "Let's get to work."
to be continued

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