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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Adama walks through the corridor. Hot Dog is carrying Nicholas when he drops something. Adama helps him it up. It turns out to be pictures of pilots from the memorial wall. Hot Dog says that he didn't want to leave the pilots' pictures there with the others. Adama asks, "What others?" Hot Dog says that there are still pictures there, probably loved ones of crew that have since died themselves so there's no one to retrieve them. Nicholas starts to cry and Adama dismisses Hot Dog.

Adama walks into the memorial corridor which has a scattered few pictures remaining. He sees a picture of Athena and Hera and immediately walks away. He stops at the end of the corridor and then turns around. He walks back, grabs the picture of Athena and Hera and looks resolute.

On the hangar deck, Baltar pleads with Lee. He says that Lee hasn't even heard his proposal which is about thousands of people that are his supporters. Lee is skeptical that it's about those people and not Baltar's own political ambition. He then makes a comment about whether looking out for those people was why he outed Kara. Baltar makes a pointed statement about everything coming down to Lee's feeling for Kara. This gets through to Lee, so he gives Baltar five minutes. Baltar tells Paulla he'll be back in five minutes and follows Lee.

As Anders sits in the tub, Kara explains to Adama that she thinks that the notes mean something. Adama then asks if what Baltar said was true. Kara says that it was. She says that she found her body on Earth and burned it. She says that she doesn't know what she is. He then asks her to plug Anders in because he has something to ask him. Kara says that she does. Adama stops her and says that she is his daughter and that she should always remember that. Kara plugs Anders in.

Flashback #8:
AAnders sits in an ice bath in the locker room after a pyramid game. A female reporter is interviewing him. She says that he's on the way to a hall of fame career. She asks if he'll be satisfied with his career even if he never wins a championship and "raises the cup." Anders starts to give a standard answer about getting strong, getting better and helping his team. He then breaks off and says that the stats aren't important, raising the cup isn't important and not even the games are important. He says that he strives for perfection, the perfect pass, the perfect block and the mathematics and symmetry that it takes to create that perfection.

Anders babbles like a hybrid for a moment and then gets quiet after making a reference to Kara. Kara says that Anders says a lot of things and then tells Adama to go ahead and ask Anders. Adama is noticeably uneasy and he tells Kara to ask Anders.

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