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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

  • In his flashback, Adama has been told that he has to spend an hour doing something that he apparently feels is beneath him because he argues that he's commanded two battlestars, been responsible for thousands of cubits of equipment and hundreds of lives.
  • In Anders' flashback, he eschews the pursuit of stats and championships for the pursuit of perfection in the elements of the game of pyramid. His comments echo real comments made by various athletes in which they savored the singular moments such as the perfect swing, pitch, shot, run or stroke.
  • In Baltar's first flashback, he had picked up Caprica Six and was presumably taking her back to his house. She moved on him in the limo even as he admitted that he didn't know her name. They were interrupted by a phone call from his father's nurse informing Baltar that his father had stabbed her with a knife. She wanted to leave immediately, but Baltar threatened suing her for abandonment.
  • Baltar's second flashback picked up with him having arrived at his father's apartment. His father had run off his previous two nurses as well. Baltar had been paying for housing, clothing and care for his father even as his resentment for his father is made clear. His father points out what had already been revealed in that Baltar had come from a poor family of farmers and had even changed his accent in order to hide his upbringing. Caprica Six learned all of this before Baltar sent her home alone while he remained with his father.
  • In Baltar's third flashback, Caprica Six ingratiates herself to Baltar by having located a full care facility for her father where he'll have a chance to garden and "be a farmer again." She even indicates that Baltar's father appeared happy and thus presumably unlikely to continue to impose himself on Baltar.
  • Caprica Six's apparently selfless act of finding a solution for caring for his father foreshadowed how Baltar ended up using her skills to score defense contracts.
  • Baltar's third flashback also bears a similarity to a scene in the miniseries where Baltar has already bedded a woman and finds that Caprica Six has let herself in. In that scene, she was clearly jealous of the other woman. In this scene, she and Baltar had not yet become involved and she had no qualms about him bedding someone else in the meantime.
  • In Kara's flashback, it was revealed that she met Lee for the first time when he was invited over to her apartment for dinner with her and Zak.
  • Kara's flashback was set in the same apartment that she and Helo visited while they were on Caprica after the Cylon attacks.
  • In Lee's flashback, he stumbles into his apartment drunk. He finds a pigeon has flown in and struggles to drive it out of his apartment.
  • In Roslin's first and second flashbacks, it was revealed that Roslin hosted a baby shower for her younger sister. That night, her father and both of her younger sisters were killed when a drunk driver sideswiped their car. Roslin left her house and publicly grieved by walking into a public park fountain.
  • In Roslin's third flashback, it's three months after the deaths of her father and sisters. She's apparently still not getting out much. She had decided not to campaign with President Adar because she hated politics. She also agrees to a date with someone named Shawn Ellison. His name sounded familiar to her and she apparently realized who he was after she hung up the phone.
  • The flashbacks felt disjointed and like filler because they did not appear to resonate with the present storyline or answer any unresolved questions. Adama and Roslin's flashbacks did appear to be incomplete which hopefully indicates that there will be more developments in parts two and three which will explain why these flashbacks were included.
  • The ship captains in the fleet are requesting too much equipment for what the stripping of Galactica can supply.
  • Lee authorizes the mag accelerators used for launching Vipers to be the last equipment removed from Galactica .
  • Adama's new quarters are to be on Deck 87 of the rebel Cylon baseship.
  • The "blast" has given Baltar's supporters momentum, so that according some poll numbers, his followers have majority support on more than half of the ships. Unfortunately, the current representation is by ship's captain and not by a representative of the ship's political majority.
  • Apparently, Baltar's religious movement has continued and now has legs as a political force. One can assume his movement is coalescing into something similar to the Moral Majority or so-called "Religious Right" that openly weds religion and politics.
  • Baltar's Inner Six again prophesizes that Baltar will somehow lead humanity through dire times. She now says that his time is close.
  • Tyrol is in the brig for being an accomplice to Boomer's escape and kidnapping of Hera.
  • In spite of what happened, Helo apparently was willing to forgive Tyrol because of Tyrol's love of Boomer. However, Tyrol callously counters that not only is Boomer a machine not to be trusted, but neither is Athena or any other Eight. This understandable upsets Helo.
  • Hera is still drawing the notes to the song.
  • Cavil's not recognizing the pattern of the dots as notes likely highlights his lack of imagination and his machine-like mentality.
  • Hera hasn't eaten since she arrived at the Colony.
  • Boomer again shows sympathy for Hera, though she doesn't appear to have taken any action on that sympathy.
  • Cavil authorizes Simon to intravenously feed Hera in order to strengthen her system so she can withstand more of the testing that she'll undergo in the effort to find the "key to our continuing existence somewhere in her genetic code."
  • Hot Dog has taken the pictures of pilots from the memorial wall. They were pictures that had gone unclaimed because no living family members or loved ones remained to claim the pictures.
  • Adama finds that there are a few pictures remaining in the memorial corridor including a picture of Hera with her mother Athena. Seeing the picture triggers Adama's decision to now pursue the possibility of a rescue mission.
  • Kara admits to Adama that she did find her body, burned it and doesn't know what she is.
  • In spite of Kara's admission, Adama says that she's still his daughter.
  • Adama has Kara plug in Anders so he can find out if Anders knows where Hera and the Colony is. Anders gives him a location.
  • While he attempts to speak to Lee about representation for his movement, Baltar is forced to admit that he's never done a truly selfless thing in his life.
  • Adama announces to the crew that he is planning a volunteer mission to go after Hera because he now has her location. He wants everyone to come to the hangar deck in person.
  • When Helo learns of Adama's mission, he is still hopeful. However, Athena appears convinced that it is too late and that Cavil has already dissected Hera.
  • Once the crew gathers on the hangar deck, Adama announces a rescue mission that is completely voluntary and likely to be a one-way mission. If not enough people volunteer to pilot Galactica, he'll take Raptors instead. He then asks that everyone who volunteers to move to the starboard side of the deck.
  • Most of the main characters volunteer. Caprica Six volunteers. Cottle volunteers, but Adama wants him to stay with the fleet because he's a doctor. Tyrol pulls Tory along with him, implying that she really hasn't been doing anything since she learned she was a Cylon and the mission would give her something to do. Roslin also hobbles down to the hangar deck to volunteer.
  • Baltar does not volunteer, although he does seem to struggle with the decision and actually appears to be trying to will himself to move across the line.
  • Racetrack and Skulls, who survived being shot by Kara, are released from their cells and sent on recon mission to the coordinates supplied by Anders.
  • The Colony turns out to be located within jump range near a singularity where there's only one safe jump location and one blind spot.

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