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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

The galaxy.

A bird flies.

Earth (?).


Caprica's atmosphere.

(Caption: Caprica City; Before the Fall)
Flashback #1:
Adama points out that he's commanded two battlestars and three escorts before that. He says that he's been responsible for thousands of cubits worth of equipment and hundreds of lives. His superior tells him that it's just an hour and he'll have to do it.

Flashback #2:
A limo drives through the city.

Flashback #2 Con't:
Baltar and Caprica sit in the limo. They are sharing a drink. Caprica makes a comment about Baltar having things done for him and he thinks that it's better than having to do it himself. Six says that she prefers to do things herself. Caprica then makes a move on Baltar. He tells her that she can call him Gaius. Just as he says that he's forgotten her name, she starts to kiss him. The car phone rings and Baltar answers it. Caprica continues to kiss him as he talks on the phone. Suddenly, he's told something that makes him sit straight up. He wants whoever it to wait and if they don't, he'll sue for "abandonment." He says that he's on his way.

Flashback #3:
Roslin bids "Sidney" goodbye. A baby shower has just wound down for her sister. Roslin and her other sister share the last of the champagne. Laura allows her pregnant sister a sip of the champagne. The three sisters then share a moment about someone at the shower.

Flashback #4:
Kara is in the kitchen cooking, when the doorbell rings. She comments that "he's early."

Flashback #4 Con't:
Kara opens the door. Lee is at the door. They step over each other as they introduce themselves to each other. He has some flowers for Kara. Kara calls Zak.
Flashback #4 Con't:
Kara calls Zak as she and Lee come back downstairs. Lee tries to compliment the apartment and Kara calls him a lousy liar. Zak comes out from another room. He and Lee hug. He then gives Kara a kiss. Kara tells him to get the drinks because dinner is almost ready.

Flashback #5:
Baltar argues with his father's nurse, who had been stabbed by his father. The nurse quits even though Baltar tries to give her a raise. Baltar then points out to his father that she's the third nurse that he's run off. Caprica Six comes in and is surprised to find Baltar's father. His father points out that Baltar is ashamed of his father and even changed his accent. When his father starts talking about Baltar's origins back on the farm, Baltar shushes him by beating him with a newspaper. Baltar then goes off on his father, call him an old git who drools on the shirt that Baltar bought him and would be living on the street if it weren't for Baltar. His father points out that Baltar is a "big man" cursing his own father. He then tells Caprica that she needs to head home because he'll be spending the evening with his father. Caprica Six leaves, Baltar shuts the door and looks at his father.

Flashback #6:
Roslin answers the door. Two Caprica policemen are outside. Once they come inside and they sit down, they inform Roslin that her sisters and her father were killed by a drunk driver who sideswiped their car. Roslin stands up walks to the window and asks them to leave.

Flashback #6 Con't:
Roslin picks up left over present packaging from the baby shower. She then stumbles around the house before she looks at a picture of herself with her two sisters and her father. She walks outside.

Flashback #6 Con't:
Roslin walks down to the fountain in the public park. She stands at the edge for a moment and then climbs in and walks through the pool to the fountain. She stands under the fountain, leans against the rock and lets the water pour over her as she looks up and cries.

Roslin is asleep in her bed in sickbay. Cottle comes by to check her condition.

Lee is on the hangar deck and grumbles about all the requests. He tells his assistant that the captains are padding their requests. He wants the requests sent back. After signing some forms, he listens to the Specialist who is upset about tearing out the mag accelerators from the launch tubes. He says that it would be like "tearing her heart out." Lee tells him to take the accelerators out last before turning out the lights and "letting the old girl die."

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