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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Daybreak, Part 1
Episode Number: 419
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 3/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Lee wants Baltar to get to the point. Baltar says that Galactica has been more than a battlestar and has been a symbol for their hopes and dreams. He says that when Galactica is gone, "this life" will be over and a new one will begin. That new life will include a new way of thinking. Baltar says that he'll do anything to help. He then says that he represents thousands of people and that he wants them to have some representation in the government. Baltar says that it's not for him personally. He says that Lee "knows that it's the right thing to do." He puts out his hand. Lee doesn't think that Baltar has ever done anything without having his own motives, so he won't take his hand. Baltar says that Lee won't give "his people" representation because he doesn't pass the Lee Adama selfless test. Lee counters that he doesn't think Baltar passes Baltar's test and then challenges Baltar to tell him one selfless act that did not benefit Baltar himself. Baltar is silent for a moment and then as he starts to walk out, he says, "You're right. I wouldn't trust me either." He then leaves the supply locker.

Flashback #9:
Lee stumbles into his apartment. He manages to take off his jacket before he loses his balance and breaks a glass. He's clearly drunk. He spots a pigeon and stumbles around, trying to chase it out the window. He breaks the window, but the bird flies back into his apartment.

Lee walks out of the weapons locker and into the bustle of the hangar deck as his father walks by. Adama stops. Kara holds out a roll of tape. Adama takes the end of it and he and Kara walk opposite directions. They put the tape on the floor. Adama then starts to talk to the crowd. He says that they are all aware of the recent abduction of a child. Adama says that he didn't think a rescue mission was practical, but now that has changed.

Hot Dog tells some pilots that Adama said that he knows where Hera is. Adama didn't say how, but Hot Dog guesses that because Kara was with him, they found out from Anders.

In sickbay, Ishay tells Cottle about the volunteer mission as Roslin listens.

Ellen and Tory talk about the volunteer mission. Tory seems skeptical. Ellen says that Hera is special and she has some part to play just like the five of them did. She adds that the five of them will go on the mission. Tory says that Ellen has decided for all of them, but Ellen wraps her arm around Tory's shoulder and says that Tory will decide to go.

Lee gets on the wireless and makes a call. He says that it'll be a volunteer mission for any man or woman over the age of fifteen. He also says that Adama has requested the crewmen who were incarcerated after the recent mutiny.

In CIC, Tigh announces the volunteer mission, but that everyone has to make their decision in person. He says that Adama is waiting in the hangar deck. He tells everyone to set a watch until they get back. He and Hoshi start to leave. He asks Hoshi if he knows what he's going to do. Hoshi says he doesn't. Tigh tells him "to take his time" because it takes four minutes to get to the hangar deck.

In their quarters, Helo says that it's really happening and that they are going to get Hera. Athena says, "Or what's left of her." Athena seems convinced that Cavil has already dissected her. Helo stops her and says that Hera is still alive, that they'll go get her and everything will be "alright." Athena says, "It's not going to be alright." Helo says, "No. You're wrong." He then walks out, leaving Athena sitting in bed.

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