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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 1 Recap:
(Caption: New Caprica; 67th Day of Occupation)
Cally walks returns Duck and Jammer's jackets. Tyrol offers them one more drink as Tigh sits nearby. Duck declines since curfew is in twenty minutes, the sun is going down fast and he doesn't want to spend the night in jail. Jammer comments that the first thing the Cylons did when they showed was to build a jail. Cally holds her and Tyrol 's baby boy. She tells Duck and Nora that they should get one. Duck says that they are working on it. Jammer jokes that that is good work if one can get it as he and Duck walk out. Nora bids Cally good-bye.

Outside, Duck says that they need to find Jammer a woman. Jammer says that if Nora's got a sister, he's "there." She says she has none. Jammer takes out a pack of cigarettes and offers to Duck and Nora. Duck declines as Nora says that since they are planning to have a baby, they are cleaning up. They kiss for emphasis. Jammer then asks if Duck had heard about Longo. Duck hasn't. Jammer says that the Cylons found his weapons stash.

Back in the shelter, Tigh asks Tyrol if he thinks Duck "will bite." Tyrol answers that Jammer is finding out. Tyrol then says that the Cylons did not get all the weapons since Longo had some weapons hidden in his latrine. Tigh opens up a foot locker to find a stash of weapons. He asks if that's all that's left. Tigh says that if things keep up, they'll be reduced to throwing rocks at the Cylons. Tyrol adds that there will be no one to throw them.

Duck and Nora question Jammer about what happened to Charlie. Jammer says that the Cylons claim that when they found him, he went for a weapon so they shot him. Duck doesn't think he would be so stupid and says that the Cylons murdered him. Nora says that he shouldn't have had weapons hidden in his tent. Just then, Duck notices a poster. It's promoting the New Caprica Police. Jammer says that some think that it might be a good thing since it'll get the Centurions off the streets and leave it to human patrols. He starts to suggest that maybe Charlie would still be alive if there were human police. Duck immediately counters that working for the Cylons is treason. He rips down the poster. They begin to walk again. Jammer says that he forgot his hat back at Tyrol 's. He bids them goodbye and then leaves. Duck looks at Nora and then asks her what she thinks about Jammer being a godfather. She likes the idea.

Cally whispers to her baby that it's bedtime and lays him in his crib.

Tyrol tells Tigh that Adama won't have a chance to help them get off New Caprica if they don't put together an effective fighting force. Tigh says that they'll have to keep the weapons in Tyrol 's tent until they find a better hiding place.

Cally hears that and gives Tyrol a look.

Tyrol catches her look and tells Tigh that he has a wife and baby.

Tigh cuts him off and says that they'll move the weapons as soon as they can.

Jammer walks in and Tigh immediately wants to know how it went. Jammer says that Duck hates the Cylons. Tigh points out that Duck is a Viper pilot with forty kills. He says that they need him. He tells Jammer to feed him some "poetic crap" about fighting the Cylon oppression or whatever it takes to convince Duck. He takes a drink and says that they need more people or the Resistance will be over before it started.

Characters that appear: Tyrol, Tigh, Cally, Jammer, Duck, Nora, [Nicholas]

  • The first thing that the Cylons did after they arrived was to build a jail.
  • Tigh and Tyrol have stayed in contact since the Cylon arrival.
  • By the 67th day of the Cylon occupation, only small seeds of a Resistance movement have been sown. They've just begun gathering weapons, but have recently lost most of a weapons stash to the Cylons.
  • Tyrol 's New Caprica role as a union leader makes him a natural leader for the Resistance. He defers to Tigh whose military rank trumps his.
  • It is likely that Jammer joined the Resistance at least in part due to how he looks up to Tyrol , who was his superior on Galactica.
  • Duck sounds like a perfect candidate for joining the Resistance, except for Nora. They are trying to start a family and she makes a comment about Charlie basically asking for something bad to happen since he was hiding weapons in his tent.
  • Nora does not have a (surviving) sister and is willing to consider Jammer as a godfather.
  • The Cylons are starting a program called the New Caprica Police for humans to take over policing from the Centurions.
  • Interesting that Tigh chooses to comment that the fledging Resistance may "die in its crib" when Tyrol and Cally's own newborn baby has just been put in his own crib. Especially in light of the fact that Tigh has insisted that Tyrol hide the weapons in his own family's tent, which puts them all at risk.

  • Duck, a Viper pilot with forty kills, and Jammer, one of Tyrol 's deckhands, are good friends on New Caprica.
  • Duck has begun a stable relationship with Nora and they are attempting to start a family to the point of quitting smoking.
  • A Resistance member named Charlie Longo was recently killed by the Cylons when they found him hiding a weapons stash.

  • Running time: ~ 3:15
  • Heavy irony can be found in a character named Duck commenting that someone else (Jammer) is starting to walk funny.
  • Cigarettes are considered unhealthy in (what's left of) the Twelve Colonies. Guess they haven't found a "healthy" cigarette either.
  • This marks the first appearance of Cally and Tyrol 's child. It's a baby boy, but his name is not given. In Cally's final appearance in Season 2.5, she was seen to be extremely pregnant.
  • This is the first appearance of Nora.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Will Duck join the Resistance?
  • Tigh tells Jammer to tell Duck some "poetic crap" about Cylon oppression. If Tigh considers that reason to be "crap," then what are Tigh's motives for the fomenting the Resistance?

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