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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 10 Recap:
In the temple, Sister Tivenan conducts the dedication ceremony for Nicholas Stephen Tyrol as Cally holds her son and Tyrol stands by and watches.

Barolay, Jammer and Tigh are among those in attendance.

The ceremony ends and everyone begins to leave.

Cally tells Tyrol that Nicholas is "wet again." Tyrol offers to take care of changing him, but Cally says she'll do it since it's her turn. She leaves.

Tigh, Jammer and Barolay head toward another room in the temple and Tyrol turns to follow them, but Duck calls him.

Tyrol looks over and sees that Duck indicates that he wants a moment.

Duck walks up to the front of the Temple.sancuary.

Duck looks around to make sure no one is around, pulls out a New Caprica Police patch and shows it to Tyrol . Tyrol asks what it is. Duck says he's joining the police because he wants to find out who told the Cylons about the weapons being hidden in the temple. Tyrol mentions that it's dangerous. Duck agrees. Tyrol then shakes his hand and welcomes him "back to the fight." As they split up, Tyrol tells him to be careful.

Tyrol walks into a meditation room where Tigh, Jammer and Barolay are waiting. Tigh says that now the numbers are up in the resistance, it's time for them to launch a major attack on the "skin jobs." Barolay says that Anders found "a source for ammonium nitrate." Tigh says that they need a place to turn it into explosives. Barolay suggests under the grain storage tent. Jammer points out that it is located across from the hospital and an accident would injure the patients. Tigh says that "the patients will have to take their chances. Jammer then gets up and says he's got to "check the perimeter." Tigh shakes his head as he leaves.

Duck sits outside smoking a cigarette and fingering the New Caprica Police patch. He hears someone coming out and he tucks the patch away. It's Jammer, who sits next to him. He pulls out a cigarette, takes Duck's cigarette, uses it to light his own and returns Duck's cigarette. He then comments that he thought Duck had quit. Duck says that there's no point now.

After a few moments, Duck stands up, says farewell to Jammer and walks off.

Jammer watches him walk off, looks around, takes out the key card and looks to his left.

Jammer then gets up and heads for the detention center.

Characters that appear: Sister Tivenan, Cally, Tyrol, Nicholas, Tigh, Jammer, Barolay, Duck

  • Cally and Tyrol 's son's full name is finally given as Nicholas Stephen Tyrol.
  • Duck has decided to join the New Caprica Police in an effort to expose collaborators. Tyrol knows of his plan, but appears to keep it from Tigh, Jammer and Barolay.
  • Tigh and Barolay want to start bombing the Cylons.
  • Barolay mentions that Anders found a source for ammonium nitrate, so Anders is involved in the resistance as well. Anders and Barolay were previously in the resistance on Caprica.
  • Anders' involvement in the resistance more than three months after the Cylons arrival would seem to indicate that he got over his illness, or at very least is no longer bedridden.
  • Jammer again voices his discomfort over putting innocents at risk when Tigh and Barolay choose to use a location across from the hospital for processing the explosives.
  • Tigh and Barolay again show complete disregard for the safety of non-combatants, while Tyrol silently goes along with them.
  • Jammer obviously decides that Tigh and Barolay could cause more innocent bloodshed and heads for the detention center with his information.
  • It is unknown how long after webisode 9 that this final webisode is set.

  • Running time: ~ 4:25

Unanswered Questions:
  • Will Duck find out who is collaborating with the Cylons? Or will he be found out by the Cylons? Or worse, will he be branded a collaborator himself?
  • What will the resistance use the explosives for?
  • Will Tigh and Barolay's cavalier attitude toward the safety of noncombatants backfire on the resistance?
  • Is Jammer really going to "rat" out the resistance?

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