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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 8 Recap:
Jammer tells the Five that the only thing he knows about the temple massacre is that the Cylons killed ten innocent people. Five acknowledges that and says that they feel "sick" about it and says that the Centurions overreacted. However, he says that it wasn't entirely the Cylons' fault. Jammer disagrees. The Five points out that they've always left the temple alone...until someone decided to hide weapons there. Jammer says that "we didn't shoot those people." The Five doesn't deny that, but he counters that bringing weapons in is equivalent.

Jammer doesn't answer and instead takes a drink. The Five says that whoever hid the weapons there must have known that the Cylons would find out. The Five suggests that the maybe the existence of the weapons was leaked to the Cylons because maybe someone wanted them to know. Jammer asks why that would be done. The Five says that some people "are scared of peace" and afraid of what they might be without something to fight for. The Five continues by suggesting that Jammer is someone who wants to put the fighting behind him and build a family. Jammer wants to know how.

The Five says that people like Jammer have to be brave individuals to stand up and show that there is a different way. The Five then says that others already are doing so. He explains that the juice that Jammer drank was grown on New Caprica by humans and Cylons who are working together. He further points out that the power grid and water system are almost complete thanks to cooperation between human and Cylon engineers. The Five starts to talk about humans replacing Centurions on patrol. He breaks off when . Jammer stands up.

Jammer wants to know his being brought in was all about him joining the New Caprica Police. Jammer says that he won't do it because he's not a collaborator. The Five calmly replies that he's not asking Jammer to be a collaborator, but to prevent another tragedy like the temple massacre. Jammer wants to know how he can do that. The Five stands up, takes out a metallic key card and shows it to Jammer. He says that if Jammer shows it at the gate, Jammer will immediately be brought to see him. He asks him to come to him quickly if he learns of anything else that might cause more bloodshed. He puts it down on the table and walks out, leaving the door open.

Jammer looks at the metal key card for a moment. He picks it up, turns it over and then looks out the open door.

Characters that appear: Jammer, Five (Doral)

  • The Five blames the temple massacre on the overreaction of the Centurions, distancing the humanoid Cylons from blame.
  • The Five plays on Jammer's morality by suggesting that whoever hid the weapons in the temple had to know that the Cylons would eventually find out. He goes further by suggesting that they leaked the info to the Cylons to further the fighting. This could be his standard approach, but it definitely plays on Jammer's doubts about Tigh perfectly.
  • The Five's suggestions are not implausible, especially considering Barolay and Tigh's pleased reaction to the fallout of the temple massacre.
  • The Five doesn't seem to know the identity of the members of the resistance, but Jammer gives himself away by answering with "we" to the Five's suggestion that putting weapons in the temple kills innocents as well. However, the Five doesn't even flinch which indicates that he already knows quite a bit about the resistance, but is playing it off in order to turn Jammer.
  • Juice is being produced thanks to human/Cylon cooperation.
  • Roughly seventy days after the Cylons arrival, a power grid and water system are just about done.
  • The Five finally reveals his motive as recruiting Jammer into the New Caprica Police.
  • The Five distances himself from the Centurions' actions and portrays himself as an individual. He acts as though he might not be privy to all information that the Cylons receive and is simply doing his part to make Cylon and human co-existence peaceful and successful. It's likely much of what he has to say is merelyfor Jammer's benefit. After all, Aaron Doral was in public relations, a "spin doctor."
  • The humanoid Cylons are using the temple massacre by the Centurions as their own recruitment tool to bring in sympathetic humans into the New Caprica Police force or informants.
  • Jammer now has the ability to gain access to the detention center.
  • This webisode picks up immediately following webisode 7.

  • Running time: ~ 3:50

Unanswered Questions:
  • The Five makes a series of suggestions. How much does he really know about who was responsible for the weapons?
  • Were the Centurions acting independently as The Five seems to hint?
  • Did, as the Five postulates, someone in the resistance (Tigh or Barolay) leak information about the weapons to the Cylons?
  • How did the Cylons find out about the weapons?
  • Will Jammer turn into an informant or will he turn the key card over to the resistance for their use?

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