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Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 9 Recap:
(Caption: New Caprica; Detention Center )
Jammer walks out of the detention center.

Tyrol watches the gate.

Jammer walks through the gate and Tyrol calls him.

Jammer is surprised to see Tyrol there. He asks him how he knew.

Tyrol walks over to him and says that Boomer told him. He then asks what it's like in the detention center. As they walk away from the gate, Jammer tells him that a "skin job" wanted information about the temple massacre and the weapons: "who, what, where." Tyrol says "and?" Jammer says that he told the skin job nothing. Tyrol sizes him up for a moment and then says that he would have liked to have "seen the look on his face." Jammer is relieved and says that he was angry.

Tyrol and Jammer walk out of the scene and the camera focuses on a New Caprica Police poster.

Duck walks into his tent. He sees the broken icons from Nora's shrine still lie on the ground where they fell. He sighs, walks over and first picks up the mirror. He hangs it back on the wall and sees that it's now cracked. He then picks up her icons. He stands the picture back up. He picks up one last icon, sits on the bed and breaks down crying.

Characters that appear: Jammer, Tyrol, Duck

  • This webisode takes place the same day as webisodes 7 and 8.
  • Tyrol talks to Boomer and does so regularly enough that Jammer doesn't react when Tyrol tells him. This also must mean he's on friendly terms with Boomer, unlike Cally.
  • Jammer has either decided to cooperate with the Five or is at least still considering it since he lies to Tyrol straight off by saying he was interrogated.
  • It's interesting that Tyrol completely buys story that Jammer was interrogated and belligerently defiant. This must mean that the Cylons aren't using torture or prolonged detention because otherwise Tyrol would have been suspicious.
  • Looks like the male humanoid Cylons are known to be in charge of the detention center since Tyrol reacts to Jammer's generic "skin job" by saying "his," which eliminates the Threes (D'Anna), Sixes and Eights (Sharon).
  • The sight of Duck's reflection in the broken mirror is a common theatrical method of showing a shattered psyche.
  • It's been at least three days since the temple massacre and his outburst, but Duck is just now able to bring himself to pick up the mess in he and Nora's tent.

  • Running time: ~ 2:50

Unanswered Questions:
  • Has Jammer now committed to being an informant or even a member of the New Caprica Police?
  • Did Boomer also tell Tyrol the reason that Jammer was brought in?
  • How often does Tyrol talk to Boomer?
  • How much do the Cylons know about Boomer's past relationship with Tyrol ? And how do they feel about her talking to Tyrol ?
  • How does Cally feel about Tyrol talking to Boomer considering that she shot Boomer back on Galactica?
  • Did Tyrol fully accept Jammer's story? Or is he suspicious of Jammer?
  • Since it's been several days since Nora's death, is Duck now ready to start "picking up the pieces" and moving on with his life?

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