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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 4 Recap:
In the temple, Cally writes a prayer and burns it in the ritual. Nora stands nearby with Cally's baby. Nora tells Cally that she's fortunate that Galen has a religious background. She says that Duck says he believes, but he never comes to temple. Cally says that Tyrol is dealing with his own crisis of faith because Brother Cavil turned out to be a Cylon. Nora points out that he still agreed to have a dedication ceremony for their son. Cally calls it a small miracle. She gets up and takes her son. She notices some "fresh greens." Nora says that she picked them up since she wasn't sure if Cally would have time. Cally thanks her. They hear shouting from outside. Cally looks outside and says it's the Cylons. They run toward the back of the temple. Nora goes back for the greens. Cally crashes through the back entrance as the Cylons open fire.

The temple is disarray. Nora, covered in blood, is lifeless as the greens lay near her hand.

Characters that appear: Cally, Nora, [Nicholas]

  • Tyrol is still questioning his faith eighteen months after learning that Brother Cavil was a Cylon.
  • Fresh greens are a prize commodity since Cally seemed impressed by Nora's gesture and even more so since Nora went back for them in the face of a Cylon attack.
  • The Cylons must have learned of the weapons being hidden in the temple since it was previously stated that even the Cylons
  • The webisode picks up later in the same day as the end of webisode 3, the day after webisode 2 and two days after webisode 1.

  • Running time: ~ 1:50
  • The yelling and sounds of the Cylon arrival outside the temple was meant to be only a temporary track. It was meant to be relooped for the final edit.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Will Tyrol 's faith ever recover following his finding out that Brother Cavil is a Cylon?
  • How did the Cylons find out about the temple?
  • What will Duck do now that Nora has been killed by the Cylons? Will he blame the resistance?

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