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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 1 Recap:
Jammer tells Tigh that the Cylons killed ten, wounded twelve and shredded the temple with gunfire.

Tigh says he didn't think they would get that lucky.

Jammer is incredulous. He points out that the Cylons are cracking down and making random arrests.

Barolay says that 1,000 people protested outside Colonial One "today" because of the temple massacre. She says that they aren't having problems with recruiting anymore with 150 people signing up in the last three days.

Tigh says all that is well worth a few confiscated weapons.

Jammer is nearly hysterical. He points out that ten innocent people died including Nora.

Tigh says that they didn't kill anyone. It was the "chrome jobs."

Jammer counters that they hid the weapons there.

Tigh points out that the Cylons "burned up" twenty billion humans in their attacks. He basically tells Jammer to quit whiny and start thinking about getting some revenge.

Jammer wants to know if that it's just about "blood for blood."

Tigh says that they are at war and it's messy and people die. He tells Jammer to get for it or get out because they don't need "crybabies in this outfit."

Characters that appear: Jammer, Tigh, Barolay

  • The temple massacre and the random arrests by the Cylons gave the resistance momentum with the general population by beginning to turn popular sentiments against the Cylons.
  • Barolay and Tigh once again show their "win at all costs" mentality, when they practically celebrate the temple massacre of ten people by the Cylons.
  • Based on Barolay and Tigh's comments, the resistance was getting off to a rocky start until the massacre.
  • The Cylons seem to be giving the resistance traction by their own actions with the attack on the temple and the random arrests. They might have been better served to ignore the resistance, or at least handle it much more covertly.
  • Tigh calls the Centurions "chrome jobs." This is reminiscent of Anders and the Caprica resistance calling the humanoid Cylons "skin jobs."
  • Compared to the previous webisodes that seemed to take place back to back, Barolay indicates that three days have passed since the temple massacre. That would mean that this webisode is set three days after webisodes 3, 4 and 5, .four days after webisode 2 and five days after webisode 1.

  • Running time: ~ 1:25
  • Jammer tells Tigh that ten were killed and twelve were wounded in the Cylon attack on the temple.
  • Tigh says that the Cylons "burned up" 20 billion humans, which one can take was the population of the twelve colonies prior to the Cylons attacks.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Will Jammer quit being a "crybaby?" Or will he leave the resistance?
  • How will the Cylons respond to the civilian protest at Colonial One ?

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