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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 5 Recap:
In Duck's tent, Cally sets down Nora's bag with the greens in it and sits down on the bed next to Cally. Duck wants to know if she said anything. Cally answers that she didn't have a chance because everything happened so quickly.

Tyrol and Jammer stand nearby.

Cally says that she didn't suffer. Duck gets sick as Cally stays next to him.

Jammer watches, clearly uncomfortable. Tyrol stands with his head down.

Duck recovers, stands up and walks across the tent.

Duck says that he should have been with her and that she even asked him to go with her. Jammer tells him that there is nothing that he could have done. Duck answers that he could have died with her. Jammer starts to says that it was the will of the gods. Duck cuts him off and yells his displeasure as he knocks the icons off Nora's shrine. He stops and looks around the tent.

Duck focuses on a picture of him and Nora together for a moment.

Duck turns and looks at Tyrol . He asks if there were any guns in the temple. Tyrol answers that it doesn't matter because the Cylons thought there were. Duck counters that doesn't answer the question. After a moment, Tyrol nods and admits that there were. Jammer and Cally wait for a reaction. After an uncomfortable silence, Duck tells them to leave. Tyrol immediately moves to leave. Jammer tries to speak to Duck, but Duck cuts him off and yells for him to leave. Duck is left alone in his tent.

Characters that appear: Cally, Duck, Tyrol, Jammer

  • Based on the picture in their tent, Nora looks to have not only served on Galactica, but been a Viper pilot like Duck. This would mean that Duck had known her before New Caprica.
  • Tyrol didn't come off too well by trying to dodge Duck's question about weather there were weapons in the temple.
  • Duck lashes out at the gods for Nora's death.
  • The webisode takes place the same day as webisode 4 and the end of webisode 3, the day after webisode 2 and two days after webisode 1.

  • Nora appears to have been a Viper pilot (based on her picture with Duck).

  • Running time: ~ 1:45
  • The character of Nora only appeared in the webisodes in spite of the photo seeming to indicate that she might have been on Galactica.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Were Nora and Duck involved before they came to New Caprica? If so, for how long?
  • How will Duck react to Nora's death? Will he continue to blame the gods and Tyrol ?
  • How will Nora's death affect Tyrol , Jammer and Cally?

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