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The Resistance Webisodes
Written By Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed By Wayne Rose

Webisode 3 Recap:
In their tent, Nora finishes her prayer to the gods requesting a child. Duck says that if they were listening, she would already be pregnant. Nora counters that he should be joining her at temple. He says that the gods "help those who help themselves." She undresses, climbs into bed and tells him to come help her. He's somber and instead tells her that Tyrol and Jammer tried to recruit him for the resistance. He then tells her that he turned them down. She's happy to hear it. He says that "once upon a time" he would have jumped at the offer. She asks "how?" He answers, "You." She smiles. He walks over to the bed, pauses and then climbs into bed with her.

In the temple, Tyrol signals that it's clear. Barolay, Tigh and Jammer then go about hiding weapons underneath the altar. Jammer says, "May the gods forgive us," as they finish putting the relics back. All four then quickly leave the temple.

Nora wakes Duck, calling reveille. Duck comments that he thought they left all the military "crap" on Galactica. She says that he's already late to meeting with Tyrol . She then asks if he could meet her at temple when he's done. He says that he doesn't "do temple." She says that it would "mean a lot" to her. He says that he doesn't need all the "bells and whistles" because he talks to the gods "in his own way." Nora looks disappointed. He sighs and says that he'll "be there in spirit." She seems to accept his meager attempt, smiles and kisses him. She tells him to "go," but he says "five more minutes." She gets up and leaves, while he goes back to sleep.

Characters that appear: Duck, Nora, Tyrol, Jammer, Tigh, Barolay

  • Tigh, Tyrol , Barolay and Jammer have now hidden weapons in the temple.
  • Nora is strong in her faith. She prays to the gods and regularly visits temple. Duck appears to be much weaker in his faith, or at least the rituals of their faith.
  • Nora might have also served on Galactica since Duck says he thought " we had left all that military crap behind."
  • The webisode picks up later in the same day of the events of webisode 2 and the day after webisode 1.

  • Running time: ~ 2:40

Unanswered Questions:
  • What is going to happen now that the weapons have been hidden in the temple?
  • Are Nora and Duck going to be able to overcome their differences over their faith in the gods?
  • Is Nora even able to get pregnant? Or is Duck even capable of getting her pregnant?
  • Did Nora serve on Galactica? If so, in what capacity?

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