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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

6. "Wait for My Order" (:55)
The scene picks up with Benjamin Martin carrying Gabriel's flag as he rides up along side Colonel Burwell and Major Villeneuve. It extends that scene and then switches to a scene between General Cornwallis and Colonel Tavington.

Screenshot #4:
Scene 6 - Pic 4

Colonel Tavington tells him that he's going to be on the battlefield and wants a share of credit for General Cornwallis' impending success.

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Screenshot #5:
Scene 6 - Pic 5

General Cornwallis tells Colonel Tavington not to launch a premature charge onto the battlefield. He must wait until Cornwallis gives the order, because Cornwallis does not want Tavington to ruin his "greatest moment."

Screenshot #6:
Scene 6 - Pic 6

Colonel Tavington silently watches General Cornwallis walk out. As he is leaving, Cornwallis says that if Tavington does not wait for his order, he can forget about Ohio, which refers to an earlier scene in which Cornwallis had promised Tavington a piece of Ohio as a reward for his service. That earlier scene had taken place after Benjamin Martin had deceived Cornwallis during parlay for the release of his men.

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