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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 2 Episodes:

Episode 1: End of the Curse - Blanche is upset because she thinks she's pregnant---then despondent when she learns it's the onset of menopause.

Episode 2: Ladies of the Evening - While the house is fumigated, the girls check into a hotel that rents rooms by the hour---and are hauled off in a police raid.

Episode 3: Take Him, He's Mine - Dorothy's ex has lost his business and wants solace, but Dorothy has a date, so she dumps him on Blanche.

Episode 4: It's a Miserable Life - The girls petition to save an old oak tree on the property of a hateful woman who wants it cut down.

Episode 5: Isn't It Romantic - An episode about lesbianism focuses on a visit by a gay friend of Dorothy's who falls for Rose.

Episode 6: Big Daddy's Little Lady - Blanche's dad arrives with a surprise: he's remarrying. And an even bigger surprise is his fiancée.

Episode 7: Family Affair - A generational clash occurs when Dorothy's son Michael and Rose's daughter Bridget visit.

Episode 8: Vacation - While the girls take a disappointing trip, Sophia enjoys herself at home getting to know the gardener.

Episode 9: Joust Between Friends - Blanche gets Dorothy a job at the museum but accuses her of back-stabbing when she gets a plum assignment; Rose lobbies to keep a stray dog.

Episode 10: Love, Rose - Rose is unaware that the letters from a man answering her ad in the personals are being penned by Dorothy and Blanche.

Episode 11: 'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas
- The girls' plans to join their families for the holiday are upset by bizarre events.

Episode 12: Sisters - As a birthday present, Dorothy brings Sophia's sister over from Sicily. The trick is keeping it a surprise.

Episode 13: The Stan Who Came to Dinner - Facing heart surgery, Dorothy's ex confesses to his extramarital affairs---and his need for a place to convalesce.

Episode 14: The Actor - When the girls vie for the attention of a debonair actor performing locally, he romances them all on the sly.

Episode 15: Before and After - Rose, convinced that she died during a throat spasm, is determined to live her new life to the hilt.

Episode 16: And Then There Was One - Sophia enters a walkathon while the others baby-sit the participants' kids. But when it's over, one baby is unclaimed.

Episode 17: Bedtime Stories - The prospect of guests arriving with no room for them evokes memories of similar situations.

Episode 18: Forgive Me, Father - The man in Dorothy's life turns out to be a man of the cloth.

Episode 19: Long Day's Journey Into the Marinara - Dorothy invites Sophia's sister (Nancy Walker) to stay with them until she finds a place in Miami.

Episode 20: Who's Face Is This, Anyway? - Blanche is convinced that her beauty is fading and decides to have plastic surgery.

Episode 21: Dorothy's Prized Pupil - Dorothy blames herself when her pupil wins a writing contest---only to alert the INS that he's an illegal alien.

Episode 22: Diamond In the Rough - Blanche's latest heartthrob doesn't quite meet her standards: he's more blue jeans than black tie.

Episode 23: Son-In-Law Dearest - Dorothy's daughter arrives with the news that her husband cheated on her, so she left him.

Episode 24: To Catch a Neighbor - Two detectives move in with the girls to stake out their neighbors, who deal in stolen gems.

Episode 25: A Piece of Cake - Preparing for a birthday party evokes memories of parties past, including one for Sophia's 50th.

Episode 26: Empty Nest - Renee is down because the kids are gone and her husband is busy with his medical practice.

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