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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 6 Episodes:

Episode 1: Blance Delivers - Blanche's strong-willed daughter wants to have her baby at a birthing center rather than a hospital.

Episode 2: Once in St. Olaf - Strange hospital happenings: candy striper Rose finds her biological father, and Dorothy loses her hospitalized mother.

Episode 3: If At Last You Don't Succeed - Success finally smiles on Stan, but Dorothy still won't. A dispute over bonds unbonds Rose and Blanche

Episode 4: Snap Out Of It - Dorothy helps a recluse who doesn't want it, and Rose plans a birthday party for Blanche, who wants it even less.

Episode 5: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy - The nanny who vanished when Blanche was a child reappears to ask a favor that Blanche can't bring herself to grant. Sophia hires a matchmaker for Dorothy.

Episode 6: Feelings - Questions of principle confront Dorothy, who is pressured into passing a failing football star, and Rose, who was fondled by her dentist.

Episode 7: Born Again - Stan heats up his relationship with Dorothy, but she wants him to cool it---or does she?

Episode 8: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia? - Dorothy tries to dissuade Sophia from becoming a nun; Blanche rear-ends someone (Paul Willson)---in Rose's car.

Episode 9: Mrs. George Devereaux - Dorothy is in a triangle with Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner. Blanche is in a daze: husband George is back from the grave.

Episode 10: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...Before They Die - Blanche offers "sexpertise" to Sophia, who wants to seduce her new love and to Rose, who wants to be celibate.

Episode 11: Stand By Your Man - Blanche blanches when she discovers that her date is disabled; Rose lands in the doghouse when she brings home a puppy.

Episode 12: Ebbtide's Revenge
- Dorothy plays peacemaker when her brother's funeral revives the feud between his widow and Sophia.

Episode 13: The Bloom is Off the Rose - Romance on the skids: Rose feels that Miles is just plain dull, and Blanche's Rex treats her like dirt.

Episode 14: Sister of the Bride - Blanche's gay brother visits and brings a "big surprise." Rose is sure she's going to win an award.

Episode 15: Miles to Go - Rose doesn't know what to think after Miles reveals he's not a professor, but a former accountant for the mob.

Episode 16: There Goes the Bride, Part 1 - Dorothy agrees to remarry Stan, but a disapproving Sophia wants to muffle the wedding bells.

Episode 17: There Goes the Bride, Part 2 - Conclusion. While Dorothy prepares for her nuptials, the others interview a prospective roomie.

Episode 18: Older and Wiser - Sophia gets a lift from a job at a retirement home---and a letdown after discovering it's a put-up job by Dorothy.

Episode 19: Melodrama - Blanche's ever-available beau is suddenly unavailable. Rose, trying out as a TV reporter, goes for a scoop on a dog show.

Episode 20: Even Grandmas Get the Blues - Blanche puts on a great act putting on an actor who thinks her baby granddaughter is her own.

Episode 21: Witness - Protected witness Miles returns to see Rose. Blanche learns of a burl on her Confederate family tree.

Episode 22: What a Difference a Date Makes - Dorothy can't wait to get back at the guy who stood her up for the senior prom---or so she's thought for all these years.

Episode 23: Love for Sale - Stan won't take "no" for an answer from Dorothy---even if he must buy a date with her at a charity auction.

Episodes 24 & 25: Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home - Sophia's implication in the torching of Shady Pines rest home cooks up memories, seen in clips from past episodes.

Episode 26: Henny Penny --- Straigh, No Chaser - Only a cluck like Rose would play the title role in a "Henny Penny" play---then squawk about the fairy tale's ending.

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