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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 3 Episodes:

Episode 1: Old Friends - In a show about Alzheimer's disease, Sophia befriends a forgetful octogenarian; and Blanche gives away Rose's beloved teddy bear.

Episode 2: One For the Money - Sophia's gimmick---selling bottled water from the backyard hose---recalls other wild brainstorms from the past.

Episode 3: Bringing Up Baby - After Rose's uncle leaves her custody of his "baby," the girls look forward to being mothers again---until they get a load of baby.

Episode 4: Housekeeper - The new housekeeper's magic powers work wonders for Blanche's love life and Rose's tomatoes, but they spell bad news when she is fired.

Episode 5: Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself - Rose has to deliver a eulogy in the Bahamas, which scares up many fears: Rose's of speaking, Dorothy's of flying, and Blanche's of being enclosed with bald men.

Episode 6: Letter to Gorbachev -Worried about the threat of nuclear war, Rose pens a letter to Soviet leader Gorbachev---and receives an invitation to Moscow.

Episode 7: Strange Bedfellows - Front-page exposť: a photo of Blanche entering the home of a politician while his wife is away.

Episode 8: Brotherly Love - Blanche makes a move on Ted, the brother of Dorothy's ex, the minute she learns he's a neurosurgeon.

Episode 9: A Visit From Little Sven - A visit by Rose's naive cousin Sven takes a turn, with Blanche providing the detour; and Sophia's driving lessons are driving Dorothy nuts.

Episode 10: The Audit - An audit leaves Dorothy and Stan gasping: they have 30 days to cough up $2500 apiece.

Episode 11: Three On a Couch
- The girls consult a shrink about their incompatibility: after five years together they still get on each other's nerves.

Episode 12: Charlie's Buddy - A wartime buddy of Rose's husband drops by, and has more on his mind than just a friendly visit.

Episode 13: The Artist - Blanche, Rose and Dorothy pose nude for a sculptor, then each wonders which one he'll use for his final work.

Episode 14: Blanche's Little Girl - Blanche's estranged daughter arrives for a visit with an oafish beau.

Episode 15: Dorothy's New Friend - Dorothy finds a soul mate in a novelist, but Rose and Blanche find a snob.

Episode 16: Grab That Dough - The girls arrive in Hollywood to compete on "Grab That Dough."

Episode 17: My Brother, My Father - Sophia persuades Dorothy and Stan to pretend they're still hitched when her brother the priest arrives to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Episode 18: Golden Moments, Part 1 - Sophia announces she's moving in with her son, whose wife just moved out.

Episode 19: Golden Moments, Part 2 - Conclusion. As Sophia prepares to go, the girls recall their lives together (through flashbacks).

Episode 20: And Ma Makes Three - Dorothy and her boyfriend can't get a moment alone as Sophia gives new meaning to the term "three's a crowd."

Episode 21: Larceny and Old Lace - A gangster charms Sophia into driving him to the bank, where he makes a speedy and substantial withdrawal.

Episode 22: Rose's Big Adventure - Rose tries to instill some life into a recently retired friend and a garage-remodeling project goes nowhere fast.

Episode 23: Mixed Blessing - Dorothy is delighted that her son is getting married---until she meets her future daughter-in-law.

Episode 24: Mister Terrific - Mister Terrific, a kiddie-show host, gets Dorothy a job as show adviser---and then gets the ax thanks to her advice.

Episode 25: Mother's Day - Tales from Mother's Days past: Blanche visits her mother. Rose spends hours in a bus depot with a traveling mother. Sophia and Salvadore try to persuade Sophia's mother to move in with them.

Episode 26: Empty Nest - Renee is down because the kids are gone and her husband is busy with his medical practice.

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