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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 5 Episodes:

Episode 1: Sick and Tired, Part 1 - Dorothy is suffering from exhaustion that no doctor can explain, much less treat.

Episode 2: Sick and Tired, Part 2 - Conclusion. Dorothy finds a specialist who can put a name on her malady.

Episode 3: Accurate Conception - Blanche can't conceive of it when her unmarried daughter reveals she's getting artificially inseminated.

Episode 4: Rose Fights Back - After losing her pension, Rose looks for a better-paying job and runs smack into age discrimination; Sophia loads up on bargains in wholesale lots.

Episode 5: Love Under the Big Top - Dorothy is courted by a lawyer who'd rather be a clown, and Rose makes a splash at a save-the-dolphins rally.

Episode 6: Dancing in the Dark - Rose trips the light fantastic whenever she dances with a professor, but trips up fantastically whenever she opens her mouth.

Episode 7: Not Another Monday - An ailing friend wants Sophia to be there when she takes her life; while an ailing baby turns the others into singing nursemaids.

Episode 8: That Old Feeling - Blanche is so taken by her late husband's brother that she could become Mrs. Devereaux all over again; and Sophia has taken to driving on the sly and in other peoples' cars.

Episode 9: Comedy of Errors - Tackling impossible dreams: Dorothy doing stand-up comedy. Rose winning over someone who doesn't like her. Blanche conning the IRS.

Episode 10: All That Jazz - Dorothy's son shows up free of a job and a wife and wanting to be a free spirit, provided someone else picks up the tab.

Episode 11: Ebb Tide - While Dorothy accompanies Blanche to Atlanta for Big Daddy's funeral, Sophia makes a bundle renting out their rooms.

Episode 12: Have Yourself a Very Little Chritmas
- The girls serve Christmas dinners to the homeless and poor, including the suddenly homeless and poor Stan.

Episode 13: Mary Has a Little Lamb - Dorothy aids a pregnant teen rejected by her father and Blanche's prison pen pal is out of the pen.

Episode 14: Great Expectations - Rose is touting the power of positive thinking, which Blanche could use when her beau has a heart attack.

Episode 15: Triple Play - Blanche lures men by pretending to sell a rented luxury car. Rose meets her boyfriend's daughter and Sophia enjoys an endless stream of funds.

Episode 16: Clinton Avenue Memoirs - Sophia returns to her old neighborhood to prompt her failing memory, while Rose and Blanche conduct a survey on health care for seniors.

Episode 17: Like the Beep-Beep-Beep of the Tom-Tom - Blanche knows she needs a pacemaker, but she fears it'll halt the pace of her sex life.

Episode 18: An Illegitimate Concern - Sophia and Dorothy enter a pageant. Blanche refuses to see her husband's illegitimate son, who has a legitimate interest in his father.

Episode 19: 72 Hours - Awaiting the results of an HIV test, Rose has 72 hours to kill---if the uncertainty doesn't kill her first.

Episode 20: Twice in a Lifetime - Rose is torn between Miles and a rekindled old flame while a miffed Sophia moves out.

Episode 21: Sisters and Other Strangers - Blanche's sister pens a lurid novel that leaves Blanche livid. Dorothy plays host to Stan's cousin , a hard-line Communist.

Episode 22: Cheaters - Sophia and Blanche fall for a con. Dorothy falls for a wife cheater she fell for once before.

Episode 23: The Magiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present - Sophia's curse on the man who jilted her gets a chance to work when his grandson weds Dorothy's goddaughter.

Episode 24: All Bets Are Off - Dorothy is willing to bet that she can give up the old gambling compulsion she thought she gave up long ago.

Episodes 25 & 26: The President's Coming! The President's Coming! - A Secret Service agent gets an earful about the girls while checking them out before a possible Presidential visit.

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