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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 4 Episodes:

Episode 1: Yes, We Have No Havanas - Blanche and Sophia fall for the same man and Rose struggles to pass her high-school equivalency exam.

Episode 2: The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo - A study in contrast: a busy day for Sophia and a make-busy day for Blanche, Rose and Dorothy.

Episode 3: The One That Got Away - Rose is sure she spotted a UFO, and Blanche is sure she'll seduce the one man she couldn't in college.

Episode 4: Yokel Hero - Rose appears to be a shoo-in for St. Olaf's Woman of the Year---after Blanche and Dorothy spice up her résumé.

Episode 5: Bang the Drum, Stanley - Stan envisions a big payoff when Sophia gets beaned at a baseball game.

Episode 6: Sophia's Wedding, Part 1 - Sophia is reunited with a man she's hated for 40 years---her late husband's partner.

Episode 7: Sophia's Wedding, Part 2 - Conclusion. The newlyweds return from their honeymoon anxious to find their own place and reopen the pizza-knish stand at the beach.

Episode 8: Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket? - Sophia gives away an old jacket---with a $10,000 lottery ticket in it.

Episode 9: Scared Straight - Blanche's brother is scared to tell her he's gay, and Sophia is afraid she's going to die on Saturday night at 9.

Episode 10: Stan Takes A Wife - Dorothy has second thoughts about Stan (Herbert Edelman) when he stands by her after Sophia falls ill, even though he's about to remarry.

Episode 11: The Auction - Based on Sophia's inside information that a famous artist is on death's doorstep, the ladies plan to spend their all on one of his paintings, and cash in when he checks out.

Episode 12: Blind Date
- Stood up for a date, Blanche meets another standee, but she doesn't realize he's blind; Rose and Dorothy coach 8-year-olds in football.

Episode 13: The Impotence of Being Ernest - Rose's new beau Ernie is a wonderful man, but she has to deal with the impotence of being Ernest.

Episode 14: Love Me Tender - Dorothy falls in lust with the man she's dating and Blanche and Rose fall on their faces as pals to motherless girls

Episode 15: Valentine's Day - A dateless Feb. 14 prompts memories of Valentine's Days past, including Sophia's in a Chicago garage in 1929 (it was a killer!).

Episode 16: Two Rode Together - Dorothy wants quality time with Sophia---whether Sophia likes it or not; Rose and Blanche team up on a storybook, with Rose doing the text and Blanche the artwork.

Episode 17: You Gotta Have Home - Rose professes faith in Hope (Bob), who she's sure will show up to emcee the ladies-auxiliary benefit.

Episode 18: Fiddler on the Ropes - Sophia floors the others when she "invests" their retirement fund in a prizefighter whose contract she bought from his manager at a bus stop.

Episode 19: Till Death Do We Volley - Dorothy and her "best friend" from high school take their long-standing rivalry to the tennis court.

Episode 20: High Anxiety - After being on pills for years, Rose still feels she can either take 'em or leave 'em---and she'd rather take them.

Episode 21: Little Sister - Rose's sister charms Dorothy and Blanche, and Rose can't convince them that Holly's really a rotter at heart.

Episode 22: Sophia's Choice - Sophia goes into action after a confused and destitute friend is moved into a "minimum standards" nursing home.

Episode 23: Rites of Spring - The Gang of Four recall attempts to improve their looks, including a visit to Sophia's hairstylist and an aerobics class at a health club.

Episode 24: Foreign Exchange - Sophia's friends arrive from Sicily, claiming that because of a hospital mix-up, their real bambina is Dorothy.

Episode 25: We're Out of Here, Part 1 - Blanche agonizes over an offer for the house, but the prospect of parting recalls great times, including visiting relatives, advice sessions and the baby that turned out to be a pig.

Episode 26: We're Out of Here, Part 2 - Conclusion. The four continue to reminisce over the good, bad and zany times they've had together.

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