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The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls Season 7 Episodes:

Episode 1: Hey, Look Me Over - Rose discovers a photograph showing her husband in bed with Blanche.

Episode 2: The Case of the Libertine Belle - On a murder-mystery weekend, Dorothy takes a stab at solving the real thing when a guest is knifed.

Episode 3: Beauty and the Beast - Blanche wants her granddaughter to win Miami's Little Miss pageant---but the entrant would rather go to the circus.

Episode 4: That's For Me To Know - Blanche is ordered to bring the house up to code, while Dorothy orders Sophia to identify the strange man in her bridal picture.

Episode 5: Where's Charlie? - Sophia strikes out when playing a joke on Rose, but Blanche hits a homer coaching a baseball player.

Episode 6: Mother Load - Blanche battles a mother for the attentions of her son. A therapist tries to help Stan get over Dorothy.

Episode 7: Dateline: Miami - Recalling dates best forgotten...and one that didn't quite happen.

Episode 8: The Monkey Show, Part 1 - Just as Dorothy frees herself of Stan, her sister blows in, only hours before a hurricane.

Episode 9: The Monkey Show, Part 2 - Conclusion. Dorothy's devastated when Gloria reveals why she slept with Stan. Rose and Blanche hold a telethon to save a local lighthouse.

Episode 10: Rose Loves Miles - Dorothy asks Blanche to keep an eye on Sophia; Rose could slug Miles for being so tightfisted.

Episode 11: Room 7 - Sophia and Blanche have fleeting touches with the Great Beyond when Sophia nearly chokes to death and Blanche visits her grammy's plantation.

Episode 12: From Here to the Pharmacy
- A reservist returns from the Gulf remembering Blanche as the girl of his dreams---but she can't remember him at all; Dorothy discovers that poor Sophia isn't poor.

Episode 13: The Pope's Ring - Sophia asks the Pope to bless a lonely friend in the hospital; Blanche's present to Rose is a detective to snoop on Miles.

Episode 14: Old Boyfriends - Enter old boyfriends: Rose can't remember Thor of St. Olaf, and Sophia finds one in the personals who's always accompanied by his sister.

Episode 15: Goodbye, Mr. Gordon - Dorothy's all giggly because her 11th-grade English teacher needs her help in writing a book review; Rose helps produce a TV show on women's issues.

Episode 16: Ther Commitments - Beatles fan Dorothy makes great music with a player in "Beatlemania," but Blanche gets nowhere with her date.

Episode 17: Questions and Answers - While preparing for a "Jeopardy!" audition, Dorothy has a dream about host Alex Trebek, creator Merv Griffin and cruise-ship purser Charley Dietz. A lovable dog enters Rose's life.

Episode 18: Ebb Tide VI: The Wrath of Stan - Exposed as slumlords, Stan and Dorothy are ordered to live in their vermin-infested apartment building.

Episode 19: Journey to the Center of Attention - Blanche, the reigning queen of the Rusty Anchor bar, gets gonged when Dorothy starts to sing. Sophia throws a wake for herself, but lets Rose make the arrangements.

Episode 20: A Midwinter Night's Dream, Part 1 of 2 - A full moon inspires lunacy as Sophia works to break a curse, and Dorothy and Miles share a moment.

Episode 21: A Midwinter's NIght Dream, Part 2 of 2 - Conclusion. Dorothy is guilt-ridden over kissing Miles. Blanche annouces her love for Derek, who has run off with her jewelry.

Episode 22: Rose: Portrait of a Woman - Rose gives Miles a birthday photo that shows a side of her he's never seen; Dorothy takes a job motivating businessmen.

Episode 23: Home Again, Rose, Part 1 - Rose's collapse at a high-school reunion moves Blanche to prayer---and a bargain with God.

Episodes 24: Home Again, Rose, Part 2 - Conclusion. Rose is being prepped for surgery---but only family is allowed to see her.

Episodes 25: One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, Part 1 - Blanche plays matchmaker for Dorothy when her Uncle Lucas comes to visit.

Episode 26: One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, Part 2 - Conclusion. Lucas and Dorothy's plan backfires when their feigned love affair turns real.

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