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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
The Farm (#205):

On Caprica at the Resistance Base Camp, it's morning and Kara is getting up. She and Anders, the resistance leader begin arguing. He wants her to stay, give them some 'professional' advice and help them fight, but she is determined to get back to Galactica. She then tells him that he's fighting a losing battle. They then start flirting and kissing. Cut to the Resistance convoy coming to a halt on the road. Kara lays out a plan for attack on an airstrip where they will secure a Cylon Heavy Raider, but then they start taking gunfire. While everyone else starts laying down fire and retreat, Kara just looks around dazed before noticing that she's been shot and falling unconscious.

Act 1:
In Galactica's CIC, Commander Adama is being welcomed back by the Galactica command staff including Tigh, Gaeta, Dee as well as Vice-President Baltar. Adama then gives a short speech of gratitude to his crew. He then asks Gaeta where the President is. Gaeta reports that they went to Cloud Nine and then disappeared. Adama says he wants them found because Roslin is dangerous. Adama orders quarentine procedures beginning with Cloud Nine. In the Kimba Huta's Cold Storage room, Zarek reports that he has contacted the Quorum of Twelve, but that they need more time for deliberation before deciding to openly go against Commander Adama. He then lets Lee know that Commander Adama is back in command. He then suggests that they need something to convince the rest of the fleet, like Lee denouncing the fleet. Lee records a statement opposing his father's actions in removing the President, but can't bring himself to call for the fleet to move against his father, much to Zarek's disappointment. Roslin then says that she will "play the religious card." Kara wakes up in a bed in a room. A man tells her that she's in a hospital and that his name is Simon. He asks her for her name. He tells her that she had been in surgery, that he removed the bullet and that it had been touch and go. He tells her that Anders brought her in and then died on the operating table from internal bleeding. He then leaves Kara alone. Kara begins to cry at the thought of having lost someone else that she had grown to care about.

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