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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
The Farm (#205):

Act 4:
Simon walks in on Kara and tells her good morning. She is reading and waiting for him. Simon seems disturbed, checks her IV and then asks if she is feeling alright. He comes around to her bed. She stabs him with a piece of the mirror, telling him that she never told him that her callsign was Starbuck. As he's dying, he tells her that she can't kill him. She then flees and finds a room full of women hooked up to machines. She recognizes Sue-Shaun from the Resistance. She goes to her and tells her that she'll get her out . Sue-Shaun tells her that there's no time and to cut the power. Kara objects, but Sue-Shaun says that she can't live as a baby machine and says please, twice. Kara destroys the machinery that takes out the power in much of the building. She then begins making her way out, hampered by her wounds. She is almost spotted by the Number Six model, but takes her out with a fire extinguisher across the head. She makes it outside only to be confronted by another Simon, who is then shot. She sees Anders, Helo and the Resistance cell moving in on the building. They are then pinned down by Centurions who emerge from the building before a Cylon Heavy Raid arrives and opens fire on the Centurions. Anders and Helo go retrieve her as the Raider lands. Boomer comes out and motions for them to quicly load up. On Galactica, Gaeta reports that 24 ships have joined Roslin, which Tigh reports as nearly a third of the fleet. Adama goes to the morgue, pulls out Galactica Boomer's body and uncovers her face. He flashes back to being shot, asks "why," and then breaks down crying. On Caprica, Caprica Boomer is explaining that the Cylons are experimenting with human/Cylon reproduction programs. Helo is dressing Kara's wounds. Sharon says they haven't been very successful. Anders says that they can't procreate on their own. Kara retorts that they've decided to resort to raping human females. Sharon says that they are trying everything they can to fulfill God's commandment to 'be fruitful'. Helo relates that they set him up in an effort to see if love was what they were missing from the reproductive process. Boomer then tells Starbuck that the Cylons know who she is and that she is special, reminding Starbuck that Leoben told her that she is special, has a destiny. Kara asks her if she knows what it is. Anders asks Boomer about how many women are at these farms. Kara tells Anders that they will take the Raider and take out the Cylon farms one by one. He reminds her that she came to Caprica for a reason. He retrieves the Arrow of Apollo and gives it to her. She asks him what he's going to do, what happened to "professional advice." He tells her that he's staying to take out the farms. She tells him that the Cylons will kill them all. He says he'll take them out with him. She says she doens't want to leave him here. He reminds that she said she would come back for him and that he'll hold her to it. She gives him her dogtags. She tells him that she will come back. Help says "Let's go home." and then leave on the Heavy Raider. Anders returns to the Resistance Camp installation alone.

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