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Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
The Farm (#205):

Act 2:
Kara wakes up to bright sunlight. Simon walks in, tells her good morning and checks on her IV. She asks him if he is a Cylon. He says that he's not, but then says that if he was a Cylon, she shouldn't expect him to admit it. She asks if she can leave, he says yes, but she is too weak to get up. He then tells her about the location of Resistance hospital as being in what was formerly a mental institution. He then gives her a 'pain' shot that puts her back to sleep. Cut to a shot of Cally receiving her meal in the brig.on Galactica. In Commander Adama's quarters, Chief Tyrol is defeading Cally's actions citing the experience on Kobol. Adama then asks Tyrol about Boomer, about his love for Boomer. Adama calls her a machine, but then comments that she was more than that because of what she had been to them for more than two years on the Galactica. Adama says that he couldn't have loved a machine, that she was more than that. Adama says that Cally will spend 30 days in the brig for discharging a firearm without permission and dismisses Tyrol. As Tyrol leaves, Adama tells him that he will see Boomer again, because there are many copies. Simon is checking on Kara again. She is suspicious of the fact that she hasn't seen anyone else. He says that they have 223 patients and two doctors. She then points out that it's quiet. He says that most patients are dying of acute radiation poisoning. He explains that she is under quarentine because of possible infection to others. The next scene has Simon finishing an examination and telling her that she may have a cyst on one of her overies. He says that it's not serious though He goes on a long monologue about the Resistance's need for child-bearing women, not Viper pilots. Kara isn't interested in being a mother. He reminds her that the human race is near extinction. He points out that most women in her situation usually don't want children, explaining that he recognizes the numerous fractures as signs of being abused as a child. She screams on him to get out. In Galactica's CIC, Adama and Tigh are discussing Roslin's message that has appeared amongst the fleet. She says that she has been chosen to lead them to Earth and at the appointed time must following her back to Kobol. Tigh is concerned, but Adama is of the opinion that no one is stupid enough to buy into her religious garbage and anyone who is willing to join her on a suicide run to Kobol, "please do."

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