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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.0 Episode Summaries
The Farm (#205):

Act 3:
On the Astral Queen, Roslin and Zarek are walking and talking with Lee and Elosha following. Roslin asks how long to jump and Zarek replies "two miuntes." Roslin asks if anyone else has signed on to join them and he says not yet. She then walks into a room full of the crew, made up of the former prison inmates. They get on their knees and bow when they see Roslin. Roslin is taken aback. Priest Elosha tells her to give them her blessing. Roslin resists, but Elosha tells her that it is her path. She then begins to make her way around, touching each of the crew on the forehead, one at a time. On Caprica, Helo, Anders and the Resistance are moving back to where their convoy was ambushed. Helo and Anders are discussing Kara's whereabouts, Anders says she couldn't have gotten far since she was shot. Caprica Boomer then emerges and tells them she knows where Kara is. She says that she has been tracking them. She tells Helo that he's the father of her child and that she's not going to lose her. On Galactica, Tigh and Adama watch the Astral Queen jump away. Tigh comments that not many can still be waiting for Starbuck to return with "that stupid arrow." They then begin to wait to see what other ships follow. Kara wakes up and notices a scar on her stomach. Simon then comes in and referring to her as Starbuck, tells her that she is almost better. When she asks about the new incision, he tells her it was some internal bleeding and that she's fine. He then injects her IV again even though Kara says she just woke up. Kara pretends to fade off and he leaves. She then cuts off the IV and gets up. She goes down the hallway and spots Simon making a report to a Six model about 'test ovaries'. He is stating that the process will be completed tomorrow and then the 'subject' (presumably, Starbuck) will be moved to the facilities. Kara hurries back to her room, paces around confused and upset, then sits on the bed and calls on the aid of the Lords of Kobol.

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