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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Act 1:
Hurley is repeating the numbers. Kate walks over to him and asks if he's okay. He says he is, but needs to go to the bathroom. She moves past him and goes over to the hatch open, joining Jack and Locke. Hurley mutters, "Great idea, do go look in the burning death hole," as she does. Locke holds the torch over the hatch, but the ladder disappears into darkness. Kate wonders what it is. Jack gets up and announces that their plan to keep everyone safe inside is not going to work. While Jack gathers up his gear, Locke grabs a stone and drops it. He and Kate listen to it fall, deciding it's no more than fifty feet to the bottom with a shallow puddle of water there. Locke suggests using wire salvaged from the fuselage to make a harness. Jack interrupts and says that they are all leaving. Hurley chimes in to second Jack. Locke says that they went through a lot of trouble to get it open. Jack counters that the ladder is broken and there is no way they can lower forty people down one by one. Jack says Locke can go explore it in the morning, but not tonight. Jack says he going to grab the dynamite and that Locke should pack up so they can head back to the caves. After a moment, Locke agrees. Then as Jack walks off, Locke asks him why he doesn't want to explore the hatch.

Flashback: A badly injured white female in her late twenties is brought in to a hospital ER. She is the victim of a car accident. The other victim is on the way, because the fire department had to use the "Jaws of Life." Jack walks in as one of the medics asks what is in her chest. Jack says it is a piece of the steering column. He then asks a nurse to page his father. She answers that it's already been done. He asks the first responder what happened. She explains that a tire blew, the car jumped the divider and collided head-on with an SUV. She was driving the car alone. He asks where the SUV driver is. At that moment, the second victim is wheeled in. Jack tells one of the residents (?) to "tube Mr. RUTHERFORD," but he's told that he can't. After a moment it goes to work on the woman. He pulls the steering column piece out of her chest. While he stabilizes the woman, Rutherford can be heard flat-lining and time of death being announced. He orders her brought up to ICU. As he walks away, she gasps that she has to dance at her wedding. The nurses can't make out what she said, but Jack heard her plainly.

At the caves, Charlie isn't buying Danielle's story about the Others. He thinks that she set the fire herself. He stops his rant when he notices Sayid watching him. Shannon comes up and asks if anyone has seen Vincent, but no one has. She grabs a torch and takes off into the forest looking for him. Sayid quickly follows after her.

Back at the hatch, Hurley asks Locke why he lit the fuse when he was telling him to stop. Locke says he did it anyway because he was excited about getting inside. Jack walks up and says it was to save everyone's lives. Locke agrees. Jack then makes a snide comment about maybe it was his destiny. John agrees to that as well, ignoring Jack's tone, Kate interrupts and points out the hatch door, which reads "Quarantine" on the side that was facing inside.

Sayid catches up with Shannon and tells her that looking for the dog is not a good idea. She answers that she had just saw Vincent five minutes ago. Sayid tells her that the dog will return on his own, as he always has. Shannon says that taking care of the dog is the one thing that anyone has asked her to do. Sayid asks her when she last ate or rested, but she won't use that as an excuse. The dog is then heard barking. They spot the dog and Sayid begins moving to circle around behind Vincent, but the dog runs off. Sayid and then Shannon take off after Vincent. Shannon loses Sayid, trips and falls. She gets up and calls for Sayid. The jungle whispers can be heard. Suddenly, she spots Walt, who is dripping wet. He tells her 'shhh' and then whispers something (when replayed backwards some of what he says can be made out to be 'press the button'). Sayid calls for her and she turns to look at him as he walks up. When she looks back, Walt is gone.

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