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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Act 3:
Jack is staring into a torch, hopefully deep in thought. Kate asks him if he believes his own speech about everything being okay. He nods and says he does. Kate tells him that she likes his optimism and that he did a good thing. She then tells him that she's going to the hatch. She knows he has to stay because the rest need him. Locke has made up his mind and she needs to look after him in case something happens. "Live together, die alone." Jack nods, quite put out, but says nothing as Kate walks off.

Flashback: Walking into a hospital office, Jack is telling Sarah's finance that because of the severity of her injuries, the surgery could take ten to twelve hours. They sit and her finance says she was on her way to a dress fitting and to pick out table clothes. Jack asks when the wedding. Her finance says it's in eight months. Jack says she should have recovered by then. Her finance interrupts him and wants to know what that mean. Jack explains that will be ongoing physical therapy. Sarah's finance interrupts him again and asks if she will be able to make love. Jack's answer is to tell him that she might need professional care giving. Her finance asks if that means she won't be able to go to the bathroom by herself.

Flashback con't: Jack walks into the operating room. Sarah is on the table. The nurses help him put on his scrubs. She calls Jack over close to her and tells him that she knows she won't be dancing anymore, but will still be able to roll around at her wedding and that he's invited. He tells her that he will fix her. She fades off (anesthesia takes effect?) and he looks around the nurses who are waiting on him. He then resumes prepping up.

At the hatch, Locke is rigging up the cable up into a harness when he hears someone coming from behind his shoulder. Kate walks up and says she expected to find him halfway down the hatch already. He tells Kate that he had been waiting for her. Locke pulls the cable around a nearby small tree as a pulley. Kate is asking that he wants her to go down first. He answers that since she is lighter, he will be able to lower her down and back up easily, not to mention that the shaft might get narrower further down. Kate says he just wants to see if she gets eaten, which Locke agrees with. Locke puts the harness o her and then Kate starts to climb down the ladder while Locke lets her down. She wants to know what she needs to say if she wants to stop. He answers "Stop." She starts climbing down what little of the ladder is available and then Locke slowly begins lowering her as she uses the flashlight to try and spot anything. Suddenly, the small tree snaps under the weight and Kate quickly drops several feet before Locke stops the rope. During the drop, she loses the flashlight, which lands several feet below. Locke asks if she is okay and she says that she is. Locke begins letting her down again as the flashlight and a mirror can be seen only feet below. Fear starts to build in Kate as she nears the bottom, so she starts her count. 1. 2. 3. 4. Suddenly, Kate hears something and the bottom of the shaft grows darker. She yells for Locke to stop. The sound can be heard again and the dim light returns to the bottom of the shaft. Kate starts to tell Locke that she thinks something is down at the bottom of the hatch, when a shaft of light appears from the hatch. Locke calls for Kate, but gets no answer. The rope starts pulling down and Locke is unable to stop it. Locke falls back as pressure on the rope is gone. What sounds like a metal door slams shut again and the light goes out. Locke stands at the hatch opening calling for Kate with no response.

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