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Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Act 4:
Jack is checking one of the guns. Hurley asks him if he's going back to the hatch in spite of what he said about staying together and waiting until sunrise. He tells Hurley that he changed his mind.

When he reaches the hatch, he doesn't find anyone. The cable is still hanging down into the hatch. He checks to see if the cable is anchored securely, then leans over the hatch. He calls down for both Kate and Locke and then drops the torch into the darkness of the hatch. He hears it land. He wraps his hands with cloth and climbs into the hatch. After one last check on whether the cable will hold, Jack takes a breath and begins to fast repel down the hatch.

Flashback: A figure is running up the steps of an empty sports stadium in the night. It's Jack. He runs down the next set of steps. As he goes up the next set of step, another runner is running up the very next aisle at a quicker pace. Jack notices him and picks up his pace. Near the top, Jack trips and goes down. The other runner immediately comes over and asks "are you alright, brother?" Jack tells him that he okay, but the man tells him to get his weight off his foot. The man checks him out and decides that he didn't sprain it, but says Jack's chances of catching him are done for the night. Jack says he wasn't trying to catch up. The man plays along with Jack, although it's clear that he doesn't believe Jack. Jack asks him how he knows about sprains and the man answers that he nearly a doctor. Jack laughs and the man guesses that he's a doctor, to which Jack nods. The man has a seat next to him and offers him a water bottle. Jack takes it and the man asks Jack what his excuse is for running. As Jack takes a drink, the man tells him that he training for a race around the world. He then prompts Jack with "so your excuse better be good, brother." Jack tells him that he's trying to work things out. The man guess it's about a girl. Jack answers that it's about a patient. The man guesses that it's about a girl patient. The man asks for her name. Jack looks like he can't believe he's having the conversation and then tells the man that her name is Sarah. The man asks Jack what he did to her to being punishing himself with the physical exertion. Jack explains that he made a promise to fix her, but that he didn't keep the promise because he couldn't fix her and failed. The other guy asks what would happen if Jack did fix her. Jack won't answer him. He just says that he didn't fix her and in her situation it would take a miracle. The man comments that Jack doesn't believe in miracles. He then gives Jack some advice: "you have to lift it up." Jack doesn't get it and the man points out that he's got to keep his ankle elevated. The man gets up and Jack returns his bottle. Jack gives him his name and they shake hands. The other fellow introduces himself as Desmond and parts with a nonchalant, "see you in another life, brother." Jack watches as Desmond can be heard jogging on down the steps.

Jack reaches the bottom of the hatch. The cable, still looped is lying near the corner. He picks up the flashlight and then notices the mirror. He looks up and realizes that the top of the hatch could be observed with it. He aims the flashlight down the opening the shaft and finds that it extends for some distance. He begins walking down the crude hallway. First thing he finds is a mounted spotlight, which was apparently aimed at the mirror to give the resulting shaft of light up the hatch. He makes out pipes and dripping water. Jack checks the gun again. He finds a pair of shoes, which look like the hiking boots that Kate long ago claimed from one of the dead. He follows a cable (electrical wiring?) up to a water pipe. Directly across the corridor is an electrical box, which is partially opened and clearly has a Westinghouse Electric logo (underlined W inside a circle) on it. Back across the hallway, he follows three sets of probably conduit (electrical wiring inside piping) up to the ceiling. He rounds a little corner and finds a section of wall covered with graffiti. The mural is full of vaguely familiar imagery. There is a paint tray with paints and a light bulb. As he continues, a more modern looking and smaller electrical box can be seen with green and red lights. Just to the right of that is what appears to be a blocked off passageway. There are several dusty buckets and planks shoved askew. As he leans in to take a closer look, the key around his neck is drawn up. He looks that way to see what looks to be a dark gray rock recessed in the wall. Just ahead, a bank of electronic equipment can be seen. Jack is distracted by an electronic whirring noise. It's a mirror moving into position to watch him. Jack walks up closer to the mirror and suddenly "Make Your Own Kind of Music" starts blaring again (he toggled the power back on). Jack immediately aims the gun and starts looking around. He looks back down the hallway toward the hatch and the spotlight comes on now aimed back at him. He is blinded and moves around the corner away from the light. He is now across from the bank of electronics. He turns and looks and walks into a dome. Old mainframe computer type equipment can be seen opposite the entrance. They can be heard to be operational. To Jack's right is a table and a chair. In the center of the dome, another chair is behind a desk with a computer terminal. Jack walks over to the computer terminal with the blinking cursor. Just as Jack is about to press the Execute key, the music suddenly stops and Locke voice can be heard telling Jack that he shouldn't. Jack looks up to see Locke at the dome's entrance. Jack points his gun at Locke and asks him where is Kate. Locke says nothing as someone standing out of Jack's sight in the hallway points a pistol at Locke. A light brown sleeve (similar to the shirt that the man pulled out of the closet) and dirty fingers clutching the gun are all that can be seen.

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