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Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201) "Jack" Flashbacks:

A badly injured white female in her late twenties is brought in to a hospital ER. She is the victim of a car accident. The other victim is on the way, because the fire department had to use the "Jaws of Life." Jack walks in as one of the medics asks what is in her chest. Jack says it is a piece of the steering column. He then asks a nurse to page his father. She answers that it's already been done. He asks the first responder what happened. She explains that a tire blew, the car jumped the divider and collided head-on with an SUV. She was driving the car alone. He asks where the SUV driver is. At that moment, the second victim is wheeled in. Jack tells one of the residents (?) to "tube Mr. RUTHERFORD," but he's told that he can't. After a moment it goes to work on the woman. He pulls the steering column piece out of her chest. While he stabilizes the woman, Rutherford can be heard flat-lining and time of death being announced. He orders her brought up to ICU. As he walks away, she gasps that she has to dance at her wedding. The nurses can't make out what she said, but Jack heard her plainly.

At St. Sebastian Hospital , Jack is checking Sarah's charts. She asks about the driver of the car that she hit, who was older. Jack tells her that he died in the ER. She begins crying. She wants to know why she can't feel anything. He explains that her back is broken due to several crushed vertebra, and a ruptured spleen which is bleeding into her abdomen. He is going to operate to repair as much of the damage as he can, but even the most optimistic possibilities are extremely small for her to regain feeling below her waist. Understandably, she is stunned. Jack's father, who has been right outside the door at the nurse's station listening, steps in the doorway and calls him out for a word. As Jack and his father walk down the hallway, Jack wants to know what he did wrong. Christian tells Jack that he should have given her some hope even in the worst circumstances. Jack says that her spine is crushed and that lying to her and telling her everything will be okay is false hope. His father answers that while that may be true, it is still hope. As Christian walks off, Jack can't come up with a response.

Walking into a hospital office, Jack is telling Sarah's finance that because of the severity of her injuries, the surgery could take ten to twelve hours. They sit and her finance says she was on her way to a dress fitting and to pick out table clothes. Jack asks when the wedding. Her finance says it's in eight months. Jack says she should have recovered by then. Her finance interrupts him and wants to know what that mean. Jack explains that will be ongoing physical therapy. Sarah's finance interrupts him again and asks if she will be able to make love. Jack's answer is to tell him that she might need professional care giving. Her finance asks if that means she won't be able to go to the bathroom by herself.

#3 Con't: Jack walks into the operating room. Sarah is on the table. The nurses help him put on his scrubs. She calls Jack over close to her and tells him that she knows she won't be dancing anymore, but will still be able to roll around at her wedding and that he's invited. He tells her that he will fix her. She fades off (anesthesia takes effect?) and he looks around the nurses who are waiting on him. He then resumes prepping up.

A figure is running up the steps of an empty sports stadium in the night. It's Jack. He runs down the next set of steps. As he goes up the next set of step, another runner is running up the very next aisle at a quicker pace. Jack notices him and picks up his pace. Near the top, Jack trips and goes down. The other runner immediately comes over and asks "are you alright, brother?" Jack tells him that he okay, but the man tells him to get his weight off his foot. The man checks him out and decides that he didn't sprain it, but says Jack's chances of catching him are done for the night. Jack says he wasn't trying to catch up. The man plays along with Jack, although it's clear that he doesn't believe Jack. Jack asks him how he knows about sprains and the man answers that he nearly a doctor. Jack laughs and the man guesses that he's a doctor, to which Jack nods. The man has a seat next to him and offers him a water bottle. Jack takes it and the man asks Jack what his excuse is for running. As Jack takes a drink, the man tells him that he training for a race around the world. He then prompts Jack with "so your excuse better be good, brother." Jack tells him that he's trying to work things out. The man guess it's about a girl. Jack answers that it's about a patient. The man guesses that it's about a girl patient. The man asks for her name. Jack looks like he can't believe he's having the conversation and then tells the man that her name is Sarah. The man asks Jack what he did to her to being punishing himself with the physical exertion. Jack explains that he made a promise to fix her, but that he didn't keep the promise because he couldn't fix her and failed. The other guy asks what would happen if Jack did fix her. Jack won't answer him. He just says that he didn't fix her and in her situation it would take a miracle. The man comments that Jack doesn't believe in miracles. He then gives Jack some advice: "you have to lift it up." Jack doesn't get it and the man points out that he's got to keep his ankle elevated. The man gets up and Jack returns his bottle. Jack gives him his name and they shake hands. The other fellow introduces himself as Desmond and parts with a nonchalant, "see you in another life, brother." Jack watches as Desmond can be heard jogging on down the steps.

Jack is sitting in Sarah's hospital room when she wakes up. She asks if she's alive. He gets up and says that she is. He limps as he moves the chair closers to her bed. She tells him that he smells as he sits down again. He says that he went running. She says he smells like he ran far. He says he had showered, but apparently hadn't cooled down because he was anxious to get back down to check on her. He mutters that it was a tour de stade. She asks what it is. He explains that it is when you run all the steps in all the sections of a stadium. She asks why he would want to do that and his weak answer is that he's intense. She asks if he finished and he answers that he didn't because he hurt his ankle. She mutters that it "sucks for" him. She then asks if her finance, Kevin, is there. Jack answers that he didn't see him. Sarah says that he'll be back and Jack agrees. She wants to know how the surgery went. Jack tells her that the damage was extensive and even though he did everything that he could he was unable to repair her spinal column, so she will be paralyzed from the waist down. He's breaking down as he tries to apologize. She asks him if he's "yanking her chain" and he says no. If that's the case, then why can she wiggle her toes. He looks and sees her toes moving under the sheet. He gets up and checks her in several places on both legs for feeling, which she confirms each time. His tears of sadness turn to tears of disbelief and joy.

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