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Lost Season Two Episodes
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201) Island Mysteries:

The Hatch:
A computer terminal with a beeping cursor.

A man hops out of the top bunk of a bunk bed. The bottom bunk appears empty and unused.

The man types the following keys: 4, Spacebar, 8, Spacebar, 1, 5, Spacebar, 1, 6, Spacebar, 2, 3, Spacebar, 4, 2, Execute. This prompts what sounds like a printout.

The living room has a chair, couch, lava lamp and a set of shelves. The shelves have electronics on one shelf. Another shelf has a collection of albums and a record player. The album selected is "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass and the Mamas and the Papas.

The dining area has a table and kitchen counter with blender and sink.

The hatch is outfitted with an exercise bike, pull-ups bar and a workout bench.

There is a shower along with a washer and dryer.

There is a cabinet stocked with medication.

The hatch has a combination locked closet with a small arsenal of weapons.

Jack's perspective:

Jack aims the flashlight down the opening the shaft and finds that it extends for some distance. He begins walking down the crude hallway. First thing he finds is a mounted spotlight, which was apparently aimed at the mirror to give the resulting shaft of light up the hatch. He makes out pipes and dripping water. Jack checks the gun again. He finds a pair of shoes, which look like the hiking boots that Kate long ago claimed from one of the dead (Editor's Note: This was wrong. They are Locke's shoes). He follows a cable (electrical wiring?) up to a water pipe. Directly across the corridor is an electrical box, which is partially opened and clearly has a Westinghouse Electric logo (underlined W inside a circle) on it. Back across the hallway, he follows three sets of probably conduit (electrical wiring inside protective piping) up to the ceiling. He rounds a little corner and finds a section of wall covered with graffiti. The mural is full of vaguely familiar imagery. There is a paint tray with paints and a light bulb. As he continues, a more modern looking and smaller electrical box can be seen with green and red lights. Just to the right of that is what appears to be a blocked off passageway. There are several dusty buckets and planks shoved askew. As he leans in to take a closer look, the key around his neck is drawn up. He looks that way to see what looks to be a dark gray rock recessed in the wall. Just ahead, a bank of electronic equipment can be seen. Across from the bank of electronics is an entrance way into a dome. Old mainframe computer type equipment can be seen opposite the entrance. They can be heard to be operational. To the right is a table and a chair. In the center of the dome, another chair is behind a desk with a computer terminal. Jack walks over to the computer terminal with the blinking cursor.

The Mural: 108 inside a sun, 12 stick people in the upper left corner, fish, 42, an arrow (missile?) 'Eye" M Sick; 42, a couple of houses

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