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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Darkness. A beep can be heard. An eye opens (just like in the pilot) as the beeping continues.

The source of the beeping is a computer terminal with a beeping cursor.

A man hops out of the top bunk of a bunk bed.

He sits in a chair and rolls over to the terminal. He hits the following keys: 4, Spacebar, 8, Spacebar, 1, 5, Spacebar, 1, 6, Spacebar, 2, 3, Spacebar, 4, 2, Execute. This prompts what sounds like a printout.

He heads into the living room to set of shelves. A lava lamp can be seen in the foreground as he selects an album from the shelf. He takes out a vinyl record and puts it on the player.

As "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass begins playing, he picks up dirty dishes from the kitchen table. He dumps the leftovers into the garbage can and then cleans the dishes in the sink.

The song continues playing as he rides an exercise bike, does pull-ups and then situps on a workout bench.

He takes a shower.

Clothes are tumbling in a dryer.

He fixes a shake in the blender in the kitchen.

He opens a cabinet and pulls out a medical injection device. He then takes out a bottle labeled: "CR 4-81516 23 42; For Injection XXXL Multiple Doses" He loads the bottle into the injector and gives himself a shot in the arm.

The needle is jarred across the record. The rafters shake and dust drifts down.

He quickly puts the injector up and closes the cabinet. He grabs a shirt from the closet where three other identical shirt (uniform?) still hang. He puts on his boots. He opens a combination lock which leads to a small room that contains a small arsenal of weapons. He selects a weapon and loads a clip. He goes back to the shelf where the record player is and switches to emergency lighting. He runs through the kitchen into a nearby hallway.

He pulls down an eyeglass that is mounted in the ceiling. He toggles some switches that adjust small mirrors along the ceiling. We follow his line of sight through a series of mirrors before closing in a mirror that is laid on the floor. The shot then upward away from the mirror before it reverses to follow his line of sight looking upward from the mirror. Jack and Locke are peering down into the hatch.

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