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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201):

Act 5:
Flashback: Jack is sitting in Sarah's hospital room when she wakes up. She asks if she's alive. He gets up and says that she is. He limps as he moves the chair closers to her bed. She tells him that he smells as he sits down again. He says that he went running. She says he smells like he ran far. He says he had showered, but apparently hadn't cooled down because he was anxious to get back down to check on her. He mutters that it was a tour de stade. She asks what it is. He explains that it is when you run all the steps in all the sections of a stadium. She asks why he would want to do that and his weak answer is that he's intense. She asks if he finished and he answers that he didn't because he hurt his ankle. She mutters that it "sucks for" him. She then asks if her finance, Kevin, is there. Jack answers that he didn't see him. Sarah says that he'll be back and Jack agrees. She wants to know how the surgery went. Jack tells her that the damage was extensive and even though he did everything that he could he was unable to repair her spinal column, so she will be paralyzed from the waist down. He's breaking down as he tries to apologize. She asks him if he's "yanking her chain" and he says no. If that's the case, then why can she wiggle her toes. He looks and sees her toes moving under the sheet. He gets up and checks her in several places on both legs for feeling, which she confirms each time. His tears of sadness turn to tears of disbelief and joy.

In the hatch complex, the standoff between Jack and the unseen continues. Locke can be seen to be without shoes. Jack is orders to not move and to put the gun down. Jack asks about Kate again. Locke tries to tell him that it is okay. He's ordered to drop the gun. Jack asks about Kate again. Locke says that she's fine and that he should put down--. Jack refuses and a shot is fired into the dome over his head. Jack is again ordered to put down his weapon. Instead, Jack starts going on about Locke and his destiny. Locke tells him to calm down. The man now steps directly behind like and issues another threat, which he ends with "brother." Jack shows a spark of recognition as the man reveals himself. It's Desmond, who was the other stadium runner from the night of Jack's operation on Sarah.

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