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Lost Season Two Episodes
Man of Science, Man of Faith (#201)
Analysis, Notes & Unanswered Questions:

  • Living quarters with running water and electricity exist within the hatch. The quarters include a full kitchen and a combination locked gun closet.
  • The Hatch appears to be outfitted for two: bunk bed, ping-pong, backgammon and two desks with chairs in the dome.
  • The inside of the hatch cover was labeled: Quarantine.
  • The following has been "confirmed" by the showrunners: When played backwards, Walt said "Press the button. Don't press the button. Bad." Shannon was dreaming when she saw Walt (apparently because she was so tired).
  • Desmond and Jack met the night that Jack apparently unsuccessfully operated on Sarah.
  • The driver that Sarah hit was Mr. Rutherford, who was likely Shannon 's father. He died on the table in the ER because Jack chose to stabilize Sarah.

  • Notes:
  • The show runners have stated that while the contents of the Hatch are revealed in 201, the explanation would not come until Episode 203 ("Orientation").

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • How long has Desmond been in the Hatch? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • How did Desmond end up in the Hatch? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • Is Desmond the only one who lives in the Hatch? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • Why is the Hatch outfitted with a small arsenal in a locked closet?
  • Why is the inside of the Hatch door marked Quarantine?
  • Why is the side passage sealed off? Where did it lead?
  • What is the magnet for?
  • What happens when Desmond types in the numbers? (See Episode 203 Analysis)
  • Was Walt referring to the Execute button on the computer in the Hatch?
  • How was Sarah able to move her toes when Jack said he couldn't repair the damage?
  • Did Desmond have some knowledge of Sarah's recovery, as his question to Jack seemed to hint?
  • If Mr. Rutherford was Shannon's father, does she know the circumstances of his death in the ER?

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