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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203) Analysis:

  • Desmond was sailing in an around the world race three years ago when his boat crashed into the reef.
  • Desmond ended up in the Hatch when Kelvin came running out of the jungle and told him to follow him. They ran back to the Hatch and punched in the code. Desmond has been in the Hatch since.
  • Desmond says that Kelvin dies and he has been alone in the Hatch since.
  • The hatch is the third ("The Swan") of six stations built by the Dharma Initiative.
  • The Dharma Initiative is bankrolled by the Hanso Foundation, which is spearheaded by Danish munitions magnate Alvar Hanso.
  • The Dharma Initiative is the vision of Karen and Gerald DeGroot, who were postdoctoral candidates at the University of Michigan in 1970.
  • The Dharma Initiative is an effort to create a communal research environment.
  • The DeGroots' Dharma Initiative was inspired in part by B.F. Skinner.
  • Dr. Marvin Candle, the narrator of the orientation film, has a fake left hand.
  • The third station ("The Swan") was first built to study the unique electromagnetic properies found in that part of the Island.
  • Shortly after the station went online, there was an "incident." This led to the adoption of protocol of the counter being reset every 108 minutes.
  • The station is designed to be manned by two people for 540 days.
  • The film has a shot of two polar bears fighting when mentioning zoology. Two polar bears have already been seen on the Island: the one that Sawyer killed and the one that Michael wounded while protecting Walt. A polar bear was seen in the Spanish comic book that Walt was reading. Michael gave Walt a polar bear when Walt and Susan left for Europe after Michael surrendered paternal rights.
  • Dr. Candle appears to warn the Hatch occupants not to use the computer for any purpose but resetting the counter. However, the film jumps before he completes his explanation.
  • The film appears to be missing some parts, as it jumps ahead a few times.
  • The film has a copyright of 1980.
  • In an apparent tip by the writers to fans of the show who analyze the show for every clue, Locke says to Jack that they will need to watch the film again.
  • The Hatch has a "front door."
  • Sayid can quickly repair twenty-five year old computers.
  • Two books appear prominently in this episode: The Turn of the Screw and The Third Policeman.
  • Ana-Lucia is working with those who attacked and captured Jin, Michael and Sawyer.
  • Locke had a relationship with Helen, which was nearly ruined by his obsession with his father, Cooper.
  • During the early part of his relationship with Helen, Locke appears directionless and unable to move forward with his life, a contrast to his heavily faith-based philosophy on the Island.
  • Five survivors now know about the Hatch: Locke, Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley.
  • Desmond did not initially recognize Jack, but Jack's questioning of his running off and Jack's lack of faith in pushing the button remind Desmond of the night in the stadium.
  • Jack's reaction to Desmond's questions about Sarah seem to indicate that something traumatic happened that has led to his no longer being married.

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