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Lost Season Two Episodes
Orientation (#203) Island Mysteries:

The Orientation Film:
It's the Dharma Initiative Orientation for Station 3 (presumably of 6) "The Swan." (Eastern) Indian-style music begins. Dr. Marvin Candle, who appears to have Asian features, introduces himself. His left hand appears gray and immobile. He explains that the film will deliver a simple set of instructions for how two people will fulfill the responsibilities of the station. First, he explains some history. He explains that the Dharma Initiative was created in 1970 by Gerald and Karen DeGroot, who were postdoctoral candidates at the University of Michigan. Inspired by luminaries such as B.F. Skinner, they imagined a large communal research environment where scientists and free thinkers from around the world could conduct research in meteorology (cloud shot as from an airplane), psychology (man in a deprivation chamber), parapsychology (blindfolded woman selecting from three colored globes), zoology (two polar bears fighting), electromagnetism (a man observing a small rock-like ball) and utopian societies (hippies sitting cross-legged in a circle on the grass).

The film then appears to skip some material because it moves into explaining about Danish munitions magnate Alvar Hanso as banking the dream project. Dr. Candle explains that the two occupants are expected to be there 540 days. He says that Station 3 was originally built as a laboratory to study the unique electromagnetic fluctuations of that part of the Island . However, not long after the experiments began, there was an "incident," which has resulted in the adoption of a protocol. Dr. Candle steps around to a table on which a model of a dome just like the one in the Hatch can be seen. He explains that the button must be pushed every 108 minutes. The station occupants have four minutes from when the alarm first sounds to enter the code into the microcomputer processor unit.

The film skips again, picking up with Dr. Candle emphasizing that the code must be entered and he recommends alternating shift. The film skips again into him saying that is it extremely important that the code be entered quickly and correctly after the alarm sounds. He begins to warn that the computer must not be used for anything-and the film skips yet again to him saying that the continuation of the project is in their hands until their replacements arrive. He then offers thanks on behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso and the Dharma Initiative. The film seems to skip again and then he says good luck. The film closes with a copyright date of 1980.

The film comes to an end and Locke comments that they will need to watch it again.

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