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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Jin continues to yell in Korean as one of the others (the mysterious island man formerly called Emeka) closes in carrying a big stick. Sawyer stands up and prepares to defend himself, but is knocked out cold with a blow across the jaw. Michael is then clubbed in the gut and then the back. Jin is given a blow across the back as well. The others grab the three of them, drag them into the forest in nets and throw them into a pit. Michael gets up and asks about Walt as the "mysterious island man" slams the trap door shut above them.

Back at the hatch the standoff picks up right after Desmond fired the shot over Jack's head. Kate ducks has the bullets hits near the vent she is watching from. Jack asks Locke if this is his destiny and then comments about "all roads lead here."

Flashback #1:
Locke listens to a young woman talk about $30 having been stolen from her by her mother who apparently uses the money to get drunk. They seem to be in some support group meeting in what appears to be a church fellowship hall. Locke checks his watch as the girl explains that the money seems like a lot to her and that she wants it back. Locke laughs at this point. The woman who supervises the group notices and asks if he has something to say, pointing out that he's been attending for a month. . He feels that $30 isn't worth getting upset about and that Francine (the girl complaining about the money) feels "a little too much." He then says that the whole group feels too much. He explains that he never even knew who his parents were. Then a couple years ago, his birth mother came to him and told him he was special. This led him to his father, who pretended to care about him long enough to steal Locke's kidney because he needed a transplant. His father then dropped him back in the world the same as the day Locke had been born. He then yells toward the girl that if she wants her thirty dollars back, he wants his kidney back.

Flashback #1 continued:
Outside, Locke tries to light a cigarette, but has no luck with the match. He throws it and the cigarette down in disgust. Helen comes over and she tells him that he said everything that she's wanted to say. He asks why she doesn't say it. She says she has to keep calm, because she loses control when she gets angry. She then observes that he probably won't be coming back next week and he agrees. She's disappointed and comments that she likes bald guys. He says that he's not bald to which she replies that she can wait. She then introduces herself.

Back in the hatch, Jack asks about Kate again. Desmond tells Jack to lower his gun. Jack asks about Kate again. Kate crawls through the air duct until she finds another air vent. She climbs down and opens the door to let some light in. She has found the gun closet. She grabs a shotgun, loads it and starts to move out into the living area. She points the gun at Desmond, then walks up right behind him and hits him square in the back with the butt of the gun. His gun goes off as he is knocked to the floor. Jack immediately runs over and covers Desmond. Locke tells Jack that Desmond is unarmed, but Jack vehemently reminds Locke that Desmond just had a gun pointed at his head. Desmond looks up to see the computer smoking, apparently from that stray shot that he fired. He asks, "what did you do?" He then says that "we're all going to die." Those words cause looks of concern from Jack, Kate and Locke as they look at the smoking computer.

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