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Orientation (#203):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Jack hurts his ankle in the stadium run and meets Desmond. Jack in the hatch seeing the blocked passage and then the magnet. Kate tries to escape. Desmond directs Locke to type in the numbers. Jack is heard. The standoff in the dome while Kate watches. Michael and Sawyer return to the island. Jin runs out of the woods and tells them "others," who are then seen.

One of the others closes in and clubs Sawyer and then Michael. The others grab the three of them, drag them in a net and throw them into a hole. Michael asks about Walt as the gate is closed.

Back at the hatch the standoff is picked up again with Jack asking Locke if this is his destiny.

Flashback: Locke is listening to another member talk about $30 having been stolen from her. It's some kind of support group. Locke laughs and explains that $30 isn't worth getting upset about. He explains that a couple years ago, his birth mother came to him and told him he was special. He then found his father, who got to know him long enough to steal his kidney and then give him the boot.

Flashback con't: Outside, Helen approaches Locke as he lights a cigarette and she tells him that he said everything that she's wanted to say. She also expresses interest in him before introducing herself.

Back in the hatch, Jack asks about Kate again. Kate moves along the air duct until she finds another air vent. She climbs down into the gun closet, which is unlocked. She grabs a weapon, loads it and starts to move out into the living area. She comes up behind Desmond and hitting him from behind, knocks him down. This causes him to fire as he falls. Locke tells Jack that Desmond is unarmed. Desmond looks up to see the computer smoking from being hit by his stray shot.

Act 1:
Jack is holding Desmond down as Desmond says he has to fix it. He tells Jack that he has to fix it so he can enter the numbers before the counter ends. Locke wants Jack to let him up, but Jack tells him not to order him around. Jack then asks Kate if she's covering him and lets Desmond up. Desmond tries to turn the computer on.

Flashback: Locke is getting dressed. Helen rolls over and asks Locke where he's going. Locke says he has trouble sleeping in bed. She starts to get upset, but he says it's not her and that he'll call her.

Flashback con't: Locke sits outside of Cooper's house in his car. Cooper climbs in and wants to know why Locke is still occasionally sitting outside of his house even though he's moved. Cooper wants to know what Locke wants. Locke wants to know why. Cooper answers that it's as simple as he needed a kidney and Locke wanted a father figure, no more. Now, Locke is not wanted and Cooper gets out of the car.

In the hatch, Desmond is running around looking for something. Locke asks if he can help. Kate figures that Sayid could fix it and makes her way out a hatch opening. Jack stops Desmond from whatever he was doing because he wants some answers. Desmond explains that he was on a solo race around the world when his boat crashed into the island. He says Kelvin came running out and told him to hurry. He followed Kelvin back to the hatch and Kelvin typed in the numbers. Desmond asked him what he was doing and Kelvin answered, "just saving the world." The two of them continued to type in the numbers until Kelvin died and since then Desmond has been alone. Jack lets Desmond get back to what he was doing. He then turns to Locke and says that he doesn't believe it. Desmond tells him to watch the film, which is on the shelf. Locke goes and get the film down and it's labeled 'Orientation'.

Act 2:
Hurley is on the beach, throwing a ball to Vincent. He runs up the beach and talks to Sayid who is dragging a trunk. Kate comes running up and says she needs him.

In the hole, Sawyer, Jin and Locke are trying to figure how many "others" there are. Jin indicates that he was blindfolded. Sawyer wants a boost, because he wants to get out of there. They help him up to the gate, but he can't lift it. He looks for a rope to untie when he's nearly speared. The giant man is back. He opens the gate up, leers at them and throws a girl in. She's unconscious. It's Ana Lucia, who was seen in the airport talking to Jack before the flight.

Jack wants to know what is going on. Locke explains that he had a gun pointed at him. Jack thinks that Locke seems calm. Locke isn't worried. Jack seems annoyed about the whole improbability of things. Locke thinks it's because he recognizes Desmond. They turn on the film. It's the Desmond Institute orientation for Station 3, "The Swan." It's begins with an explanation of psychological research behind it. The film indicates that two people will be in the station for 540 days. The procedures were adopted after radioactivity (electromagnetic activity?) was detected on that part of the island. The film instructs that every 108 minutes, the button needs to be pushed within four minutes of the alarm, but otherwise the computer is not to be used. The film ends and Locke comments that they will need to watch it again.

Act 3:
Flashback: Helen and Locke are at dinner and she's giving him a present for their six month anniversary. It's a key to her apartment. She says there is one condition that he stays all night. She followed him to a house. She wants to know if that's his father's house. He gets a bit upset about her following him. She tells him that she wasted twenty years being angry and she can help him. He promises her that he won't go to the house anymore. He puts the key in his pocket and they kiss

Locke is reloading the film. Jack asks if he's going to watch it again. Locke wants to know if Jack is. Jack says that he isn't, gets up and walks off.

In the hole, the girl has come around. They all figure out that they were on Flight 815. She says that she doesn't know how she survived being in the tail section. She says she was knocked out and woke up underwater. She made her way to the shore and has been surviving on her own since then. She was captured yesterday. Michael wants to know if she's seen Walt, but she hasn't. They introduce themselves to each other. Sawyer then shows the gun and says he has his own surprise.

Jack questions Desmond about the situation. Jack wants to know about his replacement and his food. Jack thinks that it's an experiment to see if the person in the hatch cracks. Desmond says that the film says it's an electromagnetic station and he feels that magnet every time he goes down the hall. Desmond finishes his repairs and flips the computer switch. The computer shorts and all the power goes off. Emergency lights come on. Desmond panics, saying it's over now. The counter reads 47 minutes. He grabs some gear and some supplies. Locke wants to know where he's going. Desmond tells him as far as he can run and he leaves the hatch. Jack then starts to leave, but Locke says that this wasn't supposed to happen. Jack still isn't buying anything and thinks the experiment is now over as he heads out of the hatch. Locke stays and returns to the dome. He begins to get some tools before starting to break down. He looks up and yells, "what am I supposed to do?"

Act 4:
Flashback: Helen is sleeping, but Locke is wide awake. He goes in the bathroom and splashes water on his face. He notices his scar.

Locke sits outside of the house. A car drives up behind him and hits him. Helen comes over to the window of his car, grabs his keys and throws them into Cooper's gated yard. Helen says he has to move on. Cooper isn't coming out because he doesn't care. She tells him that he has to choose between Cooper and her. He says he can't. She says he has to because he's afraid. She tells him that he has to make a leap of faith.

Kate and Sayid enter the hatch. Kate wants to know where Jack is. Jack is gone, but Locke needs his help. Kate and Hurley are looking for a power connection of some kind. Hurley finds the storeroom and is stunned.

Ana-Lucia, Sawyer, Michael and Jin are scheming to escape. He suggests playing sick. She asks Sawyer how he got the gun. He explains that there was a marshal on the plane and that he had it. How did Sawyer end up with it? He says he was lucky. Things get a little heated and Michael tries to calm things. Suddenly, she grabs the gun and points it on them. She calls up to come out. The giant man opens the gate and drops a rope down. She grabs the rope and is pulled up. The giant man asks what happened and who were they. She says nothing and he slams the gate shut again. Sawyer and the others are stunned that they got played.

Act 5:
Desmond runs through the forest. He trips and falls. As he picks up his gear, Jack orders him to stop. He has a gun on Desmond. Desmond figures that he wants the code and gives the numbers to Jack. Jack thinks he's full of it because somebody brings him into the hatch, watches the film and he buys it. Jack tells him that he doesn't even know what he's running from. The light bulb comes on and Desmond realizes where he's seen Jack before. He asks if Sarah is okay. Jack puts the gun down and starts to cry. He answers that he married her. Desmond realizes that he's not married to Sarah anymore. Jack says nothing. Desmond walks off, saying "see you in another life."

In the hatch, Sayid has fixed the computer. Kate finds the box and turns it on. Power is restored. The beeping begins has the counter drops below 4:00. The computer comes on and Locke begins to punch in the numbers. Hurley realizes that those are his numbers. He wants them to stop and then gives up. He won't give them the numbers, but then Jack walks in and gives them the last number. Locke won't hit execute. He wants Jack to do it since the film says it's a two-man job. There is a discussion about faith. Locke wants to know why Jack finds it so hard to believe. Jack wants to know why Locke finds it so easy. Locke answers that it's not easy and never has been easy. As the counter goes under 10 seconds, Jack finally pushes the button. The counter resets and Locke volunteers to take the first shift.

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