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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Act 1:
Jack holds Desmond down as Desmond attempts to get up. He says he has to fix it [the computer]. He tells Jack that if he doesn't let him get up, they are all going to die. Jack is unmoved. Desmond directs him to look at the counter, which reads 97:00. He tells Jack that he has to enter to the code and push the button before the timer counts down. Jack wants to know what happens if he doesn't Locke wants Jack to let him up, but Jack tells him not to order him around. Jack grabs Desmond and asks Desmond again. Desmond finally gets a good look at Jack and asks if he knows him. Locke notices. Jack shoves him back flat on the floor and then asks Kate if she's covering him. He gets up. Desmond immediately gets up, runs over and attempts to turn the computer on with no luck. Locke is scrutinizing Jack. Jack wants to know why and Locke says, "nothing."

Flashback #2:
Helen is lying in bed, apparently asleep. Locke is getting dressed. Helen rolls over and asks Locke where he's going. Locke says he has trouble sleeping in a strange bed. She starts to get upset, but he says it's not her and that he likes her and will call her.

Flashback #2 continued:
Locke sits in his car on the street outside of a gated house. In his side view mirror, Locke watches the guard walk into the guard house. Suddenly his passenger door opens. Cooper climbs in and says "good morning." Cooper says that he knows that Locke likes to drive through his neighborhood and occasionally likes to park outside his house. He thought it would stop when he moved. He says that at first it was funny, but it's now annoying. Cooper asks what Locke wants. Locke wants to know why. Cooper answers that there is no why. Cooper needed a kidney and Locke wanted a father figure. He tells Locke to get over it, not to come back and that he is not wanted. Cooper gets out of the car as Locke tries to be stoic, but then begins to cry.

In the hatch, Desmond runs over to the record player and turns power on as Locke tells Kate that he doesn't think she needs the gun. Desmond runs over to another bookshelf and starts throwing books onto the floor. Locke offers to help. Desmond asks if Locke can fix a computer, Locke just shrugs and Desmond says then he can't help him. Kate mentions that Sayid can fix a computer. Locke tells her to go get him. Jack asks if she can get back up the rope. Kate figures that there must be a front door and she asks Desmond. He answers, "down the corridor to the left." She hands Locke the shotgun and walks down the corridor. Desmond finds a jar of parts and heads for the dome.

Kate has found a hatch door. She turns the wheel, opens the door and leaves.

Jack follows Desmond into the dome and snatches the jar. He says they are taking a "timeout" until he gets some answers. Desmond explains that he was on a solo race around the world three years ago when his boat crashed into the reef. He says Kelvin came running out of the jungle and told Desmond to hurry and follow him. He followed Kelvin back to the hatch and Kelvin typed in the code, pushed the button and the beeping stopped. Desmond asked him what he was doing and Kelvin answered, "Just saving the world." Jack is incredulous. Desmond says that those were Kelvin's words, not his. He and Kelvin continued to push the button until Kelvin died and since then he has been alone. Jack gives the jar of parts back to Desmond and walks back into the living area. Desmond sits down at the computer desk and starts working.

In the living area, Jack tells Locke that he doesn't believe the story about pushing a button. Locke starts to head back to the dome and Jack asks if he's going to take his word for it. Locke answers that Desmond's word is all they have. Desmond tells them that they don't have to take his word for it. They can watch the film, which is located on the top shelf behind The Turn of the Screw . He adds that the projector is in the pantry. Locke goes to the shelf, finds The Turn of the Screw, throws it aside and finds the film. It is labeled 'Orientation'.

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