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Lost Season Two Episode Summaries
Orientation (#203):

Act 4:
Flashback #4:
Helen is sleeping, but next to her Locke is wide awake. He goes in the bathroom and splashes water on his face. As he stands in front of the mirror, he notices the scar from where his kidney was removed.

Flashback #4 Con't:
Later that night, Locke sits outside of Cooper's house. A car drives up behind runs into the back of his car. Helen comes over to the window of his car, grabs his keys and throws them into Cooper's gated yard before Locke can stop her. He asks her why she did that. Helen says that Cooper isn't coming out because he doesn't care. She says that Locke comes back because he's scared of moving forward in his relationship with Helen. She tells him that he has to choose between Cooper and her. He says that it's not that simple, but she says that it is. He turns back toward Cooper's house and says that he can't, because he doesn't know how. She says that he can, but is afraid because he doesn't know what is going to happen. She tells him that he has to make a leap of faith. She says that he doesn't have to be alone and she puts out her hand. He lets go of the gate to Cooper's house, walks over and takes Helen's hand.

As Locke sits in the dome with his head down, Kate is heard calling Jack. Kate, Hurley and Sayid walk into the dome. Sayid asks, "What is this place?" Kate wants to know where Jack is. Locke answers that Jack is gone and that he needs Sayid's help.

The counter flips to 24 minutes. Kate searches the walls and asks Sayid what it looks like. Sayid is sitting in the dome working on the computer. He answers that it is a breaker box and to follow the conduit lines to find it. Hurley wants to know what conduit lines are and Kate answers that they are the tubes. Hurley finds the storeroom full of food and is in awe. Kate wants to know if he found it and he replies that that depends on what "it" is.

In the pit, Sawyer wants Jin to play dead and for Ana-Lucia to call for help. She seems incredulous at the uninspired idea. She asks Sawyer how he got the gun on the plane. He explains that there was a marshal on the plane. How did Sawyer end up with it? He says he was lucky. She wants to know why he didn't use it at first and he retorts that he didn't have time since he was getting clubbed. Now Sawyer wants to know why Ana-Lucia is interested in the gun. Michael wants them to ease up. When Sawyer turns to look at Michael, Ana-Lucia grabs the gun and punches Sawyer. She then aims it at them and orders them to back up. She calls up to come out. The mysterious island man opens the gate and drops a rope down. She grabs the rope and is pulled up. The giant man asks what happened and who were they. She says nothing and he slams the gate shut again. Sawyer and the others are stunned that they got played.

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